Rebekah Wilhelm & Jared Randolph


“I am grateful that as Jared and I dated, we were “under” our parents, who kept a loving eye on us and helped us to sort out tangled issues. They never gave us orders and they refrained from giving perpetual advice; they knew we were adults and thus had no interest in micromanaging our relationship. Yet they also knew that we needed help, and were glad to give it.”

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Ella Swain & Harry St. John

He proposed while crossing the street

"The future stretched bright before her and then, quite suddenly, Harold St. John proposed to her while crossing the road in Brighton, dodging the traffic."

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Whitney & Shawn Newby

Do I like this guy?

Do I like this guy? I mean, of course I like him. He’s one of my closest friends – more like a brother than anything else. But is there more there?

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Brittney Moon & Caleb Melton

Still Impressed

I really got to talk to and know Caleb a little more that week trip. It had been six years since I’d met him, and I was still super impressed with his character, and even more, his love for Christ.

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Kristina & Daniel McFeeters

I just knew it!

“What Kristina didn’t know was the commitment I had made two years before. I had thought about it many times over the past months, and knew that if Kristina was the right one, I wouldn’t let her physical limitations deter me, even if they turned out to be permanent.”

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Ashley & Jordan Shelley

Not Ready Yet

If Jordan and Ashley had met in the nursery, or at camp, or the youth rallies, or if their friendship had begun that first year of college, they wouldn't have been ready. God knew that a lot of refining had to take place. In HIS time. He knew that they would finally come together on this very day. He had it all planned out. He had to make sure they were ready.

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Sophie and Richard

My Good Angel

Toward the end of the summer of ’08, I wrestled with the Lord and with my own heart and mind regarding the subject. I distinctly remember walking one cool August night, praying that God would show me His will. I prayed then as I had prayed many times before: “Lord if my relationship with Sophie is not what it ought to be, I pray that you would remove her from my life.”

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Lanier & Philip Ivester

falling in love was harder than the waiting had ever been

Our friendship began that night—and my battle. For falling in love was harder than the waiting had ever been; and so beautiful, even in its perplexity, that I’d not change the slightest detail.

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Sara Roberts & Darren Jones

not particularly eager

Our e-mails had begun as infrequent, very general notes, which I answered only because he wrote. When a girl suspects a guy of being interested in her, and has already eliminated him as a possibility, she isn’t particularly eager to build a relationship with him.

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The list

As a result of making this “list” I also was convicted to become a woman that a man of this caliber would desire to marry. That was a bit more challenging than making the list.

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Melanie Maher & Nathan Maxwell

praying about a house

When Nathan began praying about buying the house across the street from us last fall, the Lord started impressing on his heart that it was time to marry. This was not exactly what Nathan thought was going to be a result of his praying about a house purchase!

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Carolyn & C.J. Mahaney

more about this girl

He couldn’t understand why I was being rude and unkind about simply fixing him a hot dog. He was curious. Intrigued. He wanted to find out more about this girl.

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The End.

The End.