Imaginative Stories with Real-World Truths

Imaginative Stories with Real-World Truths

I was in grade school that year, with pigtails and a crazy hunger for books to read. Once a week the youth pastor from the church would come in and read to us from Tales of the Kingdom, a trilogy of books that told of an enchanted city where everything was twisted up and dark,…

Be Alert: In Painful Seasons, Your Heart Might Whisper Lies

Be Alert: In Painful Seasons, Your Heart Might Whisper Lies

I was having a horrible day — not “normal” horrible, not like everything-is-going-wrong kind of day (although those are bad enough). I was exhausted. My brain hurt. I couldn’t think straight, could barely think at all. I wasn’t suicidal, but the darkness of depression loomed over me like a cloud I couldn’t shake.

Courage, dear heart; God is writing your story. He created you. He is the One Who gives you identity.

In Him, there is hope. There is freedom. There is grace.





Love Stories

I prayed

I specifically remember even praying for my future husband’s salvation, because, hey, ya never know. Little did I know how God was moving in the heart of my future husband. He accepted Christ that same year!

People saw a romance that didn’t exist.

Months passed.  A year. “Just friends” morphed into “best friends.”  And one night, while we were discussing life dreams, I made a statement–one I meant with all my heart. I said something to the effect of, “Yeah, I don’t see it happening. It’s simple. I don’t want to get married, and I can’t imagine ever…