Your Loneliness Has A Purpose

Your Loneliness Has A Purpose

by Natalie AK Scott I sat in my chair on a cold winter morning, and as the black of night turned to the dark blue of dawn, I wrote in my journal: “I think what I’m feeling is a deep loneliness.” It wasn’t that I’d never felt it before, but it was the first time…

The Human Side of My Hero: Three New Elisabeth Elliot Books

The Human Side of My Hero: Three New Elisabeth Elliot Books

Once upon a time, I was a prone-to-dramatize teen who devoured many of Elisabeth Elliot’s books. I still need her forthright counsel to help rescue me from the swamp of self-pity, enabling me to diagnose even small disappointments as suffering — and thus something I can bring to Jesus. Once a starry-eyed twenty-something who sat…

Courage, dear heart; God is writing your story. He created you. He is the One Who gives you identity.

In Him, there is hope. There is freedom. There is grace.





Love Stories

There is no exact formula for dating

But what has been clear to me since I met Andrew is that God has been intimately involved in this process. It is crazy when we look back on our lives — choices, experiences, joys, difficulties, other relationships, jobs — so many things led us to that Easter dinner in that exact spot. So many things have prepared us for one another and have shaped our unique perspectives and abilities so that we are a really good team.

So that’s how we met

This has been a sweet time for both of us. I think we can both say with confidence that God was good to us in our singleness, and He has been good in giving us each other. He knows how to give good gifts, and we can only look back and trust His timing.