How to Pray for Other People

How to Pray for Other People

My husband and I trooped through three antique stores in one weekend looking for one thing: the perfect prayer bench to put in our narrow bedroom closet.  The darling teal cabinet that we found looks nothing like a bench, but it drew both my husband and me from the corner of the last antique store…

Broken Relationships and the God Who Heals

Broken Relationships and the God Who Heals

When my husband and I decided to pursue older child adoption, I committed myself to studying about trauma. There are many types and effects of traumatic circumstances, but one of the hardest to recover from (in my opinion) is trauma that results in lost relationships.  Our bodies were created to stay connected with those closest…

Courage, dear heart; God is writing your story. He created you. He is the One Who gives you identity.

In Him, there is hope. There is freedom. There is grace.





Love Stories

Wistfulness and The List

On that work day at the camp, he was looking me over in a wistful, I’ll-never-get-her sort of way, and I was looking him over in a wistful, he’ll-never-be-interested-in-me sort of way. Mr. Bill and his wife were looking at us both and plotting ways to get us together.