Treasured Truths

Here at Kindred Grace, our statement of faith is not based on any one denomination or doctrine. Our faith is in Jesus Christ, our creed is His grace, and He transforms every aspect of our lives.

We value the Bible as the holy, inspired, inerrant Word of God, and esteem it as the ultimate standard for life.

We value a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This relationship is achieved only through reliance on the finished and redemptive work of Christ and is received by grace through faith.

We value the worth of women and their intrinsic, God-given significance in the Kingdom.

We value the distinctive role that women can play in the Body of Christ, whether married or single, parents or childless.

We value the completed-ness of a human being in Christ. We do not consider a single woman to be “incomplete.” She may be waiting on God for a husband, but she is not deficient in any way to live up to her ultimate potential in Christ.

We value the permanence of marriage and esteem it as something to be entered into only with the greatest solemnity and awe as a sacred vow before God.

We value the voluntary submission of a wife to her husband as expressed in Scripture, not as a position of less importance or of subordination, but as befits the God-instituted and God-emulated structuring of a family.

We value the God-given role of parents. We see this as a role of command for the child, transitioning gradually to a role of counsel as maturity is reached.

We value children, born and unborn, as a blessing and a gift from God.

We value the home as an institution of God and homemaking a high calling that is worthy to be considered as a career.

We value the universal Body of Christ and the fellowship and inspiration derived from the lives of other Christians.

We value the support of and involvement with the local church as a means of accountability and grounding a believer in the day-to-day ministry of the local Body of Christ.

We value the responsibility of older women to instruct and encourage the younger as expressed in Scripture, and believe that all women are an “older woman” to someone.

We value the counsel of other Christians and uphold the seeking of wise and godly advice for life’s decisions.

We value the responsibility of every believer to seek the individual will of God for their lives and acknowledge that each calling is unique.

We value a personal responsibility before God for our choices and actions. This responsibility is not to be deferred to anyone.

We value the role of the individual Christian to be a “salt and light” in society.

We value a purity that originates in the heart and expresses itself in relations with the opposite sex.

This kind of purity is obtainable only through the finished work of Jesus Christ in His redemption and as applied to our individual hearts and lives.

We value femininity in all its many expressions.

We do not consider any one manifestation of it to define all the rest. Rather we see it as the divinely-crafted opportunity for women to be womanly without compromising their own unique identity.

We value creativity, and consider the feminine creative process to be not only worthwhile but normative. Creativity is not something for the few, but should be actively pursued by every believer, knowing that we are created in the image of a Creator.

We value beauty as a revelation of God and uphold the importance of recognizing and reflecting God’s beauty in our daily lives.

We value modesty, invoking propriety and discretion in speech and action as well as dress.

We value maintaining the bodies that God has given us with healthy eating and living.

We value good books and the power inherent in them to stretch and challenge us and at the same time affirm us in the God-given dreams and desires of our hearts.

We value the light-hearted and innocent seasoning of humor.