Love Stories

Love Stories (a collection from Kindred Grace)

Wondering if true love still exists?

We believe that true love, real freedom, and authentic identity can be found only in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And we know that God still writes the best love stories.

The stories are as varied as the people they represent. Different life experiences, different mistakes, different families, different callings. It’s marvelous to hear all the many ways that the Lord works. He is the author of love and our love stories are unique expressions of His heart. Part of the beauty of reading love stories is experiencing the many differences in them. Some may seem similar from a distance, but when you look up close, every story is unique. Which means, if you have a love story, it will be unlike any that you’ve ever read before—because it will be yours. Don’t read stories looking for the one you want, because you’ll never find the one you will get. Just enjoy them for their variety, for their beauty.

(Natasha Metzler in “How to Read Love Stories“)

Love Stories: a collection from Kindred Grace

The miracle that could never happen.
Elisabeth Elliot & Addison Leitch

The miracle that could never happen.

Listen to Valerie Elliot Shepard retell her parents’ love story on Revive Our Hearts: Devotedly Series: A Godly Legacy The ...
"I think we need to get squared away how we feel about each other."
the story of Elisabeth Howard & Jim Elliot

“I think we need to get squared away how we feel about each other.”

Just before our graduation, he took me out for a walk and he said, “Bet, I think we need to ...
"You have every right to ask me to leave."
Elisabeth Elliot & Lars Gren

“You have every right to ask me to leave.”

I wasn’t stringing him on. My mind was totally closed to the possibility [of a third marriage]. I thought, “This ...
He stole our spot.
Lexi and David

He stole our spot.

In late January of 2018 my sister and I headed into the Saturday night service as usual. However, things did ...
"Not if he was the last man on earth!"
Lisa & Matt Jacobson

“Not if he was the last man on earth!”

Maybe it’s not all that unusual of a story. Single girl meets single guy. Starts with a letter. Ends with ...
a foundation of radical faith
Wai Jia & Cliff

a foundation of radical faith

Once a deep skeptic of love, Wai Jia's world was turned upside down when Cliff, a liver cancer survivor and ...
I think it started with the cookies...
Becca & Nick

I think it started with the cookies…

Getting a little homesick one day, I attempted to make chocolate chip cookies in my "easy bake." Since there were ...
I always knew he'd come back.
Laura Alice & Claude Jr.

I always knew he’d come back.

“I was sitting on the front porch,” the story went, “and I looked up and saw two young men come ...
Bonnie Kate & Max

God took something that was meant for evil…

I wanted to share how God can take something that was meant for evil, something as evil as a movie ...
With no hesitation.
Brittney & Andrew

With no hesitation.

My brother had just joined the army... I knew I wouldn’t see him for months, and would hardly hear from ...
Like at first sight.
Kori & Andrew Wissmann

Like at first sight.

Now, some people say there is no such thing as love at first sight. But I definitely liked her at ...
two kinds of hope
Paula Hendricks & Trevor Marsteller

two kinds of hope

We’d never even talked on the phone before—just written back and forth on Facebook for the past four months, but ...

What if you could have your faith restored in a God Who still delights in making dreams come true?

Join us in celebrating stories of true love.

"The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Word made flesh. I like to think that, in a small way, each of us is also the Word made flesh; that each of us has a story in which the kindness of God is made visible to the world. Think how clear His kindness is in your salvation story. And when you listen to the salvation stories of others, don't you see how unique is the way He captures each of our hearts?"

(Elisabeth in "His Love Stories" at

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"There could be seasons that it’s not helpful to read the love stories of other people. If that’s the place you find yourself today, my heart goes out to you, because I’ve been there too. In that case, put these aside and spend time with the One Who loves you more than you can imagine, the One Who gave His life to rescue His Beloved: you. These stories will wait."

(Jeannie in "Humorous & Authentic Real-Life Love Stories")

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