Brenda Rivera & Isaiah Stearns

Wrong Number Text Gone Right

This woman texted a Bible verse to the wrong number but the guy on the other end of the message replied and now they're married with six kids...

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Lisa & Matt Jacobson

“Not if he was the last man on earth!”

Maybe it’s not all that unusual of a story. Single girl meets single guy. Starts with a letter. Ends with a kiss. Just another love story. Except maybe for the part where we decided to marry six days after we met.

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Wai Jia & Cliff

a foundation of radical faith

Once a deep skeptic of love, Wai Jia's world was turned upside down when Cliff, a liver cancer survivor and IronMan Finisher entered her life.

When Cliff’s liver crisis challenged their decision to marry, it was excruciating.

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Rachelle Rea and Devin Cobb

She created her own fictional hero; God brought him to life

On March 6, 2015, I met the man I’d marry on the doorstep of my pastor’s home on small group night. Much to my chagrin, I didn’t invite him in, shake his hand, or say a word.

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Kristen and Caleb

I didn’t feel in love.

As confused as I was about my feelings, I distinctly remember how strange it was to end our phone calls with just “Good night” and not “Good night, I love you.”

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Chautona & Kevin Havig

People saw a romance that didn’t exist.

Months passed.  A year. “Just friends” morphed into “best friends.”  And one night, while we were discussing life dreams, I made a statement–one I meant with all my heart.

I said something to the effect of, “Yeah, I don’t see it happening. It’s simple. I don’t want to get married, and I can’t imagine ever meeting anyone to change my mind.”  Or something like that.

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But the night he broke my jaw in a car accident is the night I truly fell in love with him...

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Cathy & Tom

Wistfulness and The List

On that work day at the camp, he was looking me over in a wistful, I’ll-never-get-her sort of way, and I was looking him over in a wistful, he’ll-never-be-interested-in-me sort of way. Mr. Bill and his wife were looking at us both and plotting ways to get us together.

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Nicole Mahaney & Steve Whitacre

I almost missed him

If I may be so bold as to offer a word of advice to single women everywhere: beware of creating an imaginary life around an imaginary man so that when a real man comes along you can’t see him for the imaginary life you’ve created. I almost missed him and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

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Lydia Saugey & Josh Grenier

when life changes in the blink of an eye

In the providence of God, I was friends with a precious co-worker who had lost her husband several years ago to cancer at an early age like Josh. She had given me many insights into what life was like for someone in that situation and how she had needed others to respond. I had no idea then that God was going to use her to help me in my future friendship with Josh…..but boy did He ever!

Surprised by Love, Part I

Surprised by Love, Part II

Jeanna Zarro & Jonathon Bigelow

Highly Unlikely

I was resigned that because of my standards, and a desire for a very simple and back-to-basics lifestyle, my chances of finding a man with the same desires were highly unlikely and maybe impossible!

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Dan & Virginia Work

Avoid Cold Water

Avoid cold water. Don’t use your prospective husband as a test dummy. Go on as many adventures as you can. And most of all: commit your way to God and trust Him. He can and will direct you, even if it’s up the mountain, into the lake, or over that next hill.

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Kristen Barnhill & Jeff Glover

there was nothing to say but yes

In less than two weeks of talking and praying, we knew the answer. It was reckless. Crazy. My parents had not even met him, had hardly even heard of him, but I was not a reckless person, by nature. I was not the kind of kid who did things like this, unless I was convinced it was of God.

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The End.

The End.