She created her own fictional hero; God brought him to life

the story of Rachelle Rea and Devin Cobb

This is my love story. On March 6, 2015, I met the man I’d marry on the doorstep of my pastor’s home on small group night. Much to my chagrin, I didn’t invite him in, shake his hand, or say a word.

Instead, I left him there on the porch, flustered by the fact that I had gone to the door certain the knock meant a girlfriend had arrived and found a man instead. I was wrong, I was rude, and I had no idea my life had just changed forever.

His name is Devin. That’s right, the romance novelist has had her love stories one-upped by the one God wrote just for her, for me, the happy heroine in a love that’s still going strong as my husband and I make our newlywed nest in the small town where we both grew up.

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When you hear a love story it is the description of something that happened, not a prescription of how to make that very same thing happen in your own life.

(Natasha Metzler in "How to Read Love Stories")