People saw a romance that didn’t exist.

the story of Chautona & Kevin Havig

Months passed.  A year. “Just friends” morphed into “best friends.”  And one night, while we were discussing life dreams, I made a statement–one I meant with all my heart.

I said something to the effect of, “Yeah, I don’t see it happening. It’s simple. I don’t want to get married, and I can’t imagine ever meeting anyone to change my mind.”  Or something like that.

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But the night he broke my jaw in a car accident is the night I truly fell in love with him…

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My favorite love stories are true ones. In fact, I've probably read or heard the stories of nearly 150 Christian couples, each one as unique as a fingerprint. Some couples called it "courtship," some called it "dating," and some met and married long before the terms acquired their present meanings. God's kindness is evident in them all.

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