Kori & Andrew Wissmann

Like at first sight.

Now, some people say there is no such thing as love at first sight. But I definitely liked her at first sight! I was completely taken by Kori and her gorgeous smile! That evening was when it all started for me. I began praying that if it was God’s plan, He would direct our lives together. 

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Ben and Meghan

I knew that he could be the answer to my prayers

Ben got down on one knee, and though he did say more, all I remember hearing was, “Meghan, will you marry me?” To this I shouted, “Are you kidding? You have got to be kidding me!” Eventually, I calmed down enough to say, “Yes.” I feel so blessed to be marrying Ben.

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Jamie and Randy Delaine

“I cannot decipher my thoughts.”

As the months went on, I began to understand more and more about how my (INTJ) brain worked. Thoughts were thought of and feelings followed. First, I had to logically determine my thoughts about Randy and wait until my subconscious felt safe enough for emotion to appear.

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Liz & Mark

God? Do You know the rules?

He figured that if he sprang the whole “God wants me to marry you” line, she’d never speak to him again. But he also knew that God is not the kind of person who lets you down when you are trusting Him.

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Sophie and Richard

My Good Angel

Toward the end of the summer of ’08, I wrestled with the Lord and with my own heart and mind regarding the subject. I distinctly remember walking one cool August night, praying that God would show me His will. I prayed then as I had prayed many times before: “Lord if my relationship with Sophie is not what it ought to be, I pray that you would remove her from my life.”

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Amanda & Philip Medlin

a red-cheeked boy and a frizzy-haired girl

In the sixth grade classroom up the stairs and to the left, a red-cheeked boy sat behind a frizzy-haired girl. They each wore glasses far too large for their face. He sneezed six times and she rolled her eyes.

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Jodi Guiley & Ryan Griggs

Through the years…

When Ryan and I look back over all our years together we are filled with such awe when we see how that the Lord has brought us together so perfectly!

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Theresa & Trent

The Love Story of T&T

We did a few things right and a lot of things wrong. But the Lord, as He always seems to do, used the year to refine both of us yet further as we struggled through many new things together. We learned dependence on God and dependence on each other. We both felt the desire for the time apart to be over, yet the strain of not knowing when we could get married.

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Gretchen & Merritt

waiting on the Lord

"In that next year of waiting on the Lord, I came to appreciate so many things about Merritt—but especially his practical wisdom and his patient trust in God."

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The End.

The End.