Jennifer Terrell & Steve DeWitt

“This is my last sermon as a single man.”

“This is a message that I have waited 44 years to give,” pastor Steve DeWitt told Bethel Church in Crown Point, Indiana.

His congregation immediately knew what he was talking about and started to cheer.

He told them anyway, to shouts, claps, and whistles: “This is my last sermon as a single man.”

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Elisabeth Elliot & Addison Leitch

The miracle that could never happen.

The miracle that could never happen happened in 1969 when I remarried. I had thought it was a miracle to marry the first time. To imagine a second was beyond me.

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Elisabeth Howard & Jim Elliot

“I think we need to get squared away how we feel about each other.”

Just before our graduation, he took me out for a walk and he said, “Bet, I think we need to get squared away how we feel about each other.” I was floored! I almost went through the sidewalk because I didn’t know Jim had any feelings for me.

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Elisabeth Elliot & Lars Gren

“You have every right to ask me to leave.”

I wasn’t stringing him on. My mind was totally closed to the possibility of a third marriage. I thought, “This man could not possibly be serious.” He was just a very kind, polite, southern gentleman…

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Lexi & David

“He stole my spot.”

My sister and I headed into the Saturday night service as usual. However, things did not go as planned. When we went to our normal seats we found that someone else was sitting there. We were rather incredulous. Everyone knew that THESE were OUR seats. We settled on sitting directly behind the fellow who stole our spot. Thus for an entire service I stared at the brown hair of my future husband…

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Lisa & Matt Jacobson

“Not if he was the last man on earth!”

Maybe it’s not all that unusual of a story. Single girl meets single guy. Starts with a letter. Ends with a kiss. Just another love story. Except maybe for the part where we decided to marry six days after we met.

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Bonnie Kate & Max

God took something that was meant for evil…

…there are girls out there worth fighting for still and there are guys out there willing to fight.

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Paula Hendricks & Trevor Marsteller

two kinds of hope

We’d never even talked on the phone before—just written back and forth on Facebook for the past four months, but it was as comfortable as could be from the get-go. He was sitting at a table when I walked in—not holding a rose like in romance novels—but reading a book in true Trevor-fashion.

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Nancy Leigh DeMoss & Robert Wolgemuth

Unexpected Grace

I am a woman who is bound first, above any other loyalty, to the authority of Scripture and the lordship of Christ. I knew that, to this point, I had been equipped and gifted by the Lord to serve Him as a single woman, and these passages, in the New Testament in particular, that seemed to indicate that maybe if you could serve the Lord as a single, then you should. And I said, “I need to know from God’s Word: Is there freedom to consider marriage?”

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Chris and Jana

It began at a wedding

After a dozen rounds of questions and answers over four months (all by email) there was one point when I took too-long to respond, and Jana gently hinted that she needed me to tell her where this was going, and if it was going anywhere.

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Sue and Jon

He didn’t meet some of the criteria on my “list.”

Though Jon and I often say we wished we’d met each other earlier in life (he’s 36), in reality, God’s plans and timing are always the best. I couldn’t see then why it took so long for me to meet the man I would choose to spend the rest of my life with, but Jon is definitely worth the wait and years of character-building singlehood. 

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Jamie and Randy Delaine

“I cannot decipher my thoughts.”

As the months went on, I began to understand more and more about how my (INTJ) brain worked. Thoughts were thought of and feelings followed. First, I had to logically determine my thoughts about Randy and wait until my subconscious felt safe enough for emotion to appear.

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The End.

The End.