He stole our spot.

the story of Lexi and David

In late January of 2018 my sister and I headed into the Saturday night service as usual. However, things did not go as planned. When we went to our normal seats we found that someone else was sitting there. We were rather incredulous. Everyone knew that THESE were OUR seats. We settled on sitting directly behind the fellow who stole our spot. Thus for an entire service I stared at the brown hair of my future husband…

I am not a shy person and so I determined that if he turned my way, I’d introduce myself. He did turn my way. I did introduce myself. It was then that my sister and I found out that his name was David and that he usually attended the Sunday morning service at 11am. We also found out that he had come tonight because nachos were being served. He had switched services to get nachos – good man.

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"Real-life love stories display the endless creativity of the Author of life. While some are similar, no two love stories are alike, and sometimes they begin with the strangest coincidences, the slimmest chances, the most insurmountable odds. Two strangers seated together on a plane. Attending the wrong funeral. Car breakdowns. Wrong numbers. Or sometimes the opposite is true, and next-door neighbors suddenly see each other in a different light, or the annoying tag-along kid grows up. I’m always fascinated by human drama, and that’s a key ingredient in love stories."

-Jeannie Pederson on Club31Women