It began at a wedding

the story of Chris and Jana

After a dozen rounds of questions and answers over four months (all by email) there was one point when I took too-long to respond, and Jana gently hinted that she needed me to tell her where this was going, and if it was going anywhere.

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I am always encouraged to read or hear of a love story that truly reflects God's fingerprint, His perfect timing, and the evidence of God in each of the individual's lives. Love stories that were not manipulated or brought about by human scheming; each detail was obviously constructed by our Creator. Love stories that are a picture of Christ continually wooing and winning His bride; loving us when we least deserve it and accepting all of the ugly. Love stories in which the man desires to lead and the woman wants to be led and loved like the church. It helps me to believe that the kind of dreams and prayers that we all should have are not too big.

(Jennifer Langley in "Love Stories: An Encouragement")

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