Unexpected Grace

the story of Nancy Leigh DeMoss & Robert Wolgemuth

I am a woman who is bound first, above any other loyalty, to the authority of Scripture and the lordship of Christ. I knew that, to this point, I had been equipped and gifted by the Lord to serve Him as a single woman, and these passages, in the New Testament in particular, that seemed to indicate that maybe if you could serve the Lord as a single, then you should. And I said, “I need to know from God’s Word: Is there freedom to consider marriage?”

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"If you’re single, real-life love stories can reassure you that God works through all different kinds of circumstances. Don’t read with an eye to copying them in your own life, but take note of His faithfulness. Rest assured that He is equally faithful to write the details of your life story, whether or not it includes marriage."

(Jeannie in "Humorous & Authentic Real-Life Love Stories")

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