“What brought you to the area?”

the story of Briana Thomas & Ryan Burkholder

He turned toward the door, caught my eye, smiled, and motioned me to follow. I still had no idea what was up. (I’m not normally that naïve.) As I followed him out onto the porch, having no clue what he wanted, I said, “So I never did ask – what brought you to the area?”

He shut the door behind us, looked me in the eyes, and said, “You did.”

Inside I was an odd mixture of incredulous and slightly amused at the whole situation. On the outside I was quite proud of my composure.

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When you hear a love story it is the description of something that happened, not a prescription of how to make that very same thing happen in your own life.

(Natasha Metzler in "How to Read Love Stories")

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