“What brought you to the area?”

Briana Thomas & Ryan Burkholder

He turned toward the door, caught my eye, smiled, and motioned me to follow. I still had no idea what was up. (I’m not normally that naïve.) As I followed him out onto the porch, having no clue what he wanted, I said, “So I never did ask – what brought you to the area?”

He shut the door behind us, looked me in the eyes, and said, “You did.”

Inside I was an odd mixture of incredulous and slightly amused at the whole situation. On the outside I was quite proud of my composure.

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"There could be seasons that it’s not helpful to read the love stories of other people. If that’s the place you find yourself today, my heart goes out to you, because I’ve been there too. In that case, put these aside and spend time with the One Who loves you more than you can imagine, the One Who gave His life to rescue His Beloved: you. These stories will wait."

(Jeannie in "Humorous & Authentic Real-Life Love Stories")

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