Janelle Mahaney & Mike Bradshaw

“just stopping by to say hi”

I had no claim on Mike. He wasn’t mine. And so the battle within my heart began.

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Denise and Andrew

There is no exact formula for dating

But what has been clear to me since I met Andrew is that God has been intimately involved in this process. It is crazy when we look back on our lives — choices, experiences, joys, difficulties, other relationships, jobs — so many things led us to that Easter dinner in that exact spot. So many things have prepared us for one another and have shaped our unique perspectives and abilities so that we are a really good team.

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Tim and Emily

God worked on both of our hearts

But things had changed when we started talking, and when she realized I wasn’t a missions major and was quite a kindred spirit, well, you could say something stirred in both of our hearts.

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Josiah and Abi

She’d make a good wife…for some lucky guy!

I remember one day we were all having a discussion and I walked away afterwards impressed with Abi’s walk with the Lord. I could tell it was real, and it was her own. About that time God put the thought in my mind, “She would make a good wife and mother.” “Yep!” I thought, “for some lucky guy.” Went right over my head. However, God kept bringing it back and laying her on my heart for the remainder of camp — and by the time camp was over I realized God was saying that to me!

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Jacob and Allyson

I was looking for a girl who met my requirements

Man, did I have it all wrong. I was looking for a girl who met my requirements. I was looking for a girl who could measure up to my list of desired qualities. I was looking for a wife for me, stated plainly. God revealed to me that marriage paints a bigger picture — a picture that reflects God himself. A picture that is self-giving, self-sacrificing, and outward-focused. Boy, did I need some work to rearrange my heart.

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Jess & Tien

I Owe My Marriage to Boundless

I started “coincidentally” running into a guy named Tien from my church — everywhere: at church, the post office, prayer meetings at other churches, on the soccer field, on campus (we both did international student ministry), at youth group outings. He was definitely on my “friend” radar.

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Abigail Hinds & John Paul Taylor

Hi, I’m John Paul Taylor

“Hi, I’m John Paul Taylor. I don’t have a job. I don’t have any money. I am living with my parents right now and I am leaving for Montana in a few months. Can I court your daughter?”

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Yvette and AJ

Not Just a “Nice Guy”

Full of hope, but without any expectations, AJ and I intentionally began to cross each other’s paths more and more by attending one another’s Bible studies and young adult groups. It became clear that our budding friendship held the potential for something great.

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John and Elizabeth

The Only Hint I Needed

I remember developing a very keen interest in Elizabeth during those three months and, all though she has yet to admit it, I have the suspicion that she felt the same for me.

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Ashleigh Kittle and Ted Slater

I Do, Of Course!

The funny thing is, when he and his roommate did come over, I spent most of the time talking to his roommate. Ted was too busy snooping around my apartment, trying to learn what he could about me through my surroundings.

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Matt and Tillie

Unlikely Love Story

We have had our difficulties like every other couple, but it feels good to know and believe that the years of uncertainty and tough decisions were all a part of God’s will for our lives and our marriage.

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Erica DeCarlo & Larry Potter

He asked if he could pray with her

“Larry was not the first person Erica talked to, but he was the first (and only) match who asked if he could pray with her.”

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The End.

The End.