Summer Brown & Luke Long

not based on performance

Over time I would realize that I thought I deserved to be blessed because I had tried to honor my parents and keep the principles of God’s word. God wanted to bless me but He wanted me to understand that His blessing was not based off my performance and good deeds.

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Ashley Bastic & Jordan Liggitt


My goal was to ask her if she was interested in courting. She came to the evening thinking we already were courting. Confusion ensued!

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Kristen Lisemby & Grant Lee

Let’s wait and see

I waited and waited and finally sent her a Facebook message asking her out for dinner. I got a lame response from her, when she said “Let’s just wait and see, okay?” This time I thought “whatever” and went on with life.

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Rebecca & Jacob Hickman

I put God in a box

By the time I graduated high school I was very disillusioned with the whole concept. I had put God in a box and decided that since we didn’t have the ideal conditions and environment for a “perfect courtship” it wasn’t going to happen for me. I wasn’t going to have the cookie-cutter courtship like you read about in the homeschooling magazines.

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Heidi Crank & Greg Greenlaw

Going in the same direction

Both the Greenlaws and us were thinking – Greg and Heidi – they sound so much alike and both desiring to reach tribal people. And to everyone’s amazement, Greg was still unmarried but really needing a wife, one that would be as committed as he was to this work. And a major concern of ours was Heidi finding a husband who was truly going the same direction in which God was leading her, with whom she could go to the mission field.

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Suzanne Hadley & Kevin Gosselin

The handsome VBS leader

I was stunned. I had never met a man who was pursuing children’s ministry — and this one was handsome (and apparently single) to boot. He grinned when I said: ‘I could do VBS every day for the rest of my life!’

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Megan Miller & Justin Goff

I prayed

I specifically remember even praying for my future husband’s salvation, because, hey, ya never know. Little did I know how God was moving in the heart of my future husband. He accepted Christ that same year!

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Andrea Wall & Joseph Gellenbeck

The Long Wait for Yes

As time went by, it became clear to me that I was going to have to wait much longer that I had ever thought that I would. Over 2 years went by, and as I waited, I began to get depressed over the situation.

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Chantel Harding & Scott Brankshire

my cinderella slippers

I met him just minutes before we walked down that aisle together. I was too busy trying to not trip over those clear and sparkling 3 and a half inch spike Cinderella slippers to really pay much attention to anything else. I wasn’t looking for love. Neither was he. But somewhere down the road between then and now, well…love surprised us.

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Darleen Waltman & Kevin Weston

An Exceptional Guy

In my heart, I knew Kevin was an exceptional guy, and I would be happy to get to know him. I was a tough nut, though, making sure to not let on that I had an interest in getting to know him better. I figured if Kevin was interested and God directed him towards me, he would come out and visit without any encouragement from me.

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Chloe Maddux & Jonathan Heston

And Then Came Love

Was this a path of wisdom? It wasn’t that the letters were wrong. They weren’t. They were focused on the center of her life, focused on obeying the Father’s will. Walking the path of faith and discovering the hope of eternity. But they were still letters written to him.

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How God Wrote Our Story

“The months that followed brought many opportunities to trust God in a deeper way than ever before as we tried to sort out our ideas regarding relationships. Our one-on-one communication was minimal and we both developed a number of misconceptions. Through the journey of the fall and winter, I learned much about real faith, acceptance-with-joy of whatever the will of God ordains, and embracing every gift He gives- including loss.”

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The End.

The End.