Bethany Wissmann & Dan Beasley

God Didn’t Send an Email

God didn’t send me an email, write in the sky or send me a random text message. But His voice eventually became convincingly clear. He spoke through the Holy Spirit, His word, my parents and others I sought advice from.

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Abby Grady & Caleb Beasley

with a ring in a letterbox

The silence became more and more awkward. I had no idea what was going on. Caleb blurted out, “I talked to your dad. I want to court you.”

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Amie Minerd & Nathan Bard

the day I dreamed of

I was trying not to be nervous and at the same time thinking, “Wow, this is my wedding day. I’ll never relive this moment!”

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Laura Bogner & Aaron Baker

similar callings and love

“I remember thinking that it was remarkable how God had lead him to a calling (serving the Lord through children’s ministry and music education) so similar to mine!”

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Elizabeth & Dwight Bailey

perfect for each other

Dwight had no idea about what I really thought about him, or if we would ever have a relationship beyond friendship. He just knew that I’d answer the phone when he called – so he kept calling. 🙂 And I was turmoil and knots on the inside.

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Kelley & Scott Appleton

No Possibility

“There was never any possibility of anything between us. We just “knew each other.”

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Elizabeth & James Johnson

floored by a heavenly 2×4

I always kind of knew that I’d end up falling in love with a guy who was first just a good friend, because that’s the only way I can really be myself. And to realize that this guy, who answered all my theology questions, and whom I enjoyed spending time with, and who was totally single, felt the same calling as I did for future ministry… that just floored me.

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Trina Bauman & Jeremy Holden

The Pastor’s Son

From what we knew about this fellowship and the pastor’s family already, I figured the pastor’s son scored pretty highly on the ‘eligible scale’. But, alas, upon scanning the stage, I realized he would never do.

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The End.

The End.