I Owe My Marriage to Boundless

Jess & Tien

“I started ‘coincidentally’ running into a guy named Tien from my church — everywhere: at church, the post office, prayer meetings at other churches, on the soccer field, on campus (we both did international student ministry), at youth group outings. He was definitely on my ‘friend’ radar.”

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"The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Word made flesh. I like to think that, in a small way, each of us is also the Word made flesh; that each of us has a story in which the kindness of God is made visible to the world. Think how clear His kindness is in your salvation story. And when you listen to the salvation stories of others, don't you see how unique is the way He captures each of our hearts?"

(Elisabeth in "His Love Stories" at Boundless.org)

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