Caroline Rose Kraft

I am Caroline Rose Kraft, which can be loosely transliterated as “Strong Little Rose.”
I seek to be strong, though I be little.

I am the blogger formerly known as Everly Pleasant, 2007-2016.

I love Jesus, but mostly He loves me. I am just a grateful victim of His immeasurable, relentless love.
I love my family (2 parents + eight siblings + a brother-in-law + a sister-in-law + cutest nephew ever) and our family home, Eyrie Park.

I love writing, walking, singing, children’s books, doodling, naps, cooking, having meaningful conversation and traveling to new places. I’m a textbook INFJ.

I was unschooled, I am a pineapple sibling (sister through adoption) and I look for
kindred spirits everywhere I go.

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