Anne Hammond & Nat Williams

I liked what I saw…

Because I love irony, I think it’s great Nat and I have the same birthday ~ February 1st. So yes, that makes Nat exactly 5 years older than me and I like to think we’re going to be very efficient in our birthday celebrations since they’re on the same day and all.

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Jenny Whatley & Matthew McGoldrick

From South Alabama to Southern Scotland

For several years now I have really pondered what I would need in a wife. Being a missionary pastor I had several things I was looking for in a wife that I never seemed to be able to find in just one woman. I was actually beginning to wonder if someone like I desired actually existed.

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Elizabeth Kenyon & Benjamin Flesher

Fairy Tales Do Come True

The fact of the matter is that I feel as though you can get to know someone through the mail just as well as you can get to know someone face to face…if not a little better.

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Leslie & Adam Verner

Don’t analyze and don’t fantasize

"Don't analyze and don't fantasize" was my motto for those two weeks and I would blast the radio with dance music each time I got in the car to try and prevent myself from doing just that.

But I was falling in love.

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And Then I Fell In Love

Abigail Paul & Joe Westbrook

Princess Meets Knight

God sure has a sense of humor, doesn’t He? When I signed up for an eHarmony profile it really wasn’t with the hope of finding a husband on there… Meeting a husband on eHarmony was about the most unromantic thing I could think of, and not what I wanted my love story to be like.

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Mark & Sara

our spring

There were walks in the meadow hunting four and five-leaf clovers, a motorcycle ride to a logging job where I learned to identify Dogwood and Trillium, and looking for those elusive Morrell mushrooms down by the slough. Spring characterized our romance.

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Jennifer Rogers & Athos Spinola

it all started with a dream

And suddenly, here we were: continents apart, talking about this mystery called marriage. I prickled with excitement, fear, and nerves. Praying into the dark hours of the night. Which is where I dreamed of a room full of rings…

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Tsh & Kyle Oxenreider

on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere

I secretly wanted to marry Kyle the moment I met him. But I never told him this.

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Elizabeth & James Johnson

floored by a heavenly 2×4

I always kind of knew that I’d end up falling in love with a guy who was first just a good friend, because that’s the only way I can really be myself. And to realize that this guy, who answered all my theology questions, and whom I enjoyed spending time with, and who was totally single, felt the same calling as I did for future ministry… that just floored me.

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Gretchen & Merritt

waiting on the Lord

"In that next year of waiting on the Lord, I came to appreciate so many things about Merritt—but especially his practical wisdom and his patient trust in God."

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The End.

The End.