it all started with a dream

Jennifer Rogers & Athos Spinola

And suddenly, here we were: continents apart, talking about this mystery called marriage. I prickled with excitement, fear, and nerves. Praying into the dark hours of the night. Which is where I dreamed of a room full of rings…

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God is “the best maker of all marriages,” and I’m convinced that He loves to do it! He brought Eve to Adam. He prompted Eliezer’s prayer for guidance, and then answered it by matching Rebekah with Isaac. He arranged for Ruth to “accidentally” bump into Boaz, inspired Naomi when she counseled Ruth to consider this man who seemed so beyond her grasp, and fueled Boaz’s determination to finish the matter that very day.

This is a picture of God’s heart. This is what He wants to do for all His children. This is what He wants to do for me.

If someday I live out my love story in light of the gospel, who can help seeing the pure and unconditional love of Jesus? That’s an exciting thought!

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