it all started with a dream

Jennifer Rogers & Athos Spinola

And suddenly, here we were: continents apart, talking about this mystery called marriage. I prickled with excitement, fear, and nerves. Praying into the dark hours of the night. Which is where I dreamed of a room full of rings…

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"Real-life love stories display the endless creativity of the Author of life. While some are similar, no two love stories are alike, and sometimes they begin with the strangest coincidences, the slimmest chances, the most insurmountable odds. Two strangers seated together on a plane. Attending the wrong funeral. Car breakdowns. Wrong numbers. Or sometimes the opposite is true, and next-door neighbors suddenly see each other in a different light, or the annoying tag-along kid grows up. I’m always fascinated by human drama, and that’s a key ingredient in love stories."

-Jeannie Pederson on Club31Women

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