Packing Grace for the Journey to Simplicity

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When I turn the last page of a good book, it’s always with the hope that I won’t forget the experience, that I’ll be able to keep living the pages long after I’ve closed the cover. This feeling is especially true with Tsh Oxenreider’s Notes from a Blue Bike

As we gear up for the busy season here on the farm, I know it’s crucial that I learn to apply what I’ve learned about practicing simplicity. If we’re not intentional about our plans now, we’ll reap the consequences this summer. So I’m trying to say “no” to some things so I can say “yes” to living more slowly even during the busiest months of our year.

There’s limitless creativity to planning a more intentional life.

I know that I’ll need a lot of grace as I embrace more simplicity, because the progress toward any goal often involves nearly as many steps backward as forward. I’m thankful that my Jesus and my husband keep giving me the grace I don’t deserve when I fall short of my expectations and theirs. And my own journey will be a constant reminder to give others grace when they approach life differently than I do, when they want me to say “yes” and I know I have to say “no”.

More than anything, living according to my values and passions in the real world means extending grace upon grace to others when I intentionally live differently.

Though I’ve finished it, I’m keeping Notes from a Blue Bike at my bedside. I’m reviewing all the parts I highlighted. And I’m praying that the awakening was just the beginning of revival–for me, for you, for all of us riding along with Tsh on the Notes from a Blue Bike blog tour.

Extending grace upon grace... #NotesFromABlueBike @KindredGrace

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How have you been shown grace in your journey to a more intentional life? How have you learned to give grace when others’ choices look different than your own? Leave a comment and then use the entry form below if you’d like a chance to win your very own copy of Notes from a Blue Bike to enjoy!

Notes from a Blue Bike

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  1. I’ve learned that my journey is strictly that, my journey. I am on this path because of all the things that have shaped me. It has helped tremendously in giving grace to others in their journeys. I know that just as people have not seen all of the bits and pieces of my life so I do not know what has happened in another’s life. Our journeys are different and it’s not a bad thing. Grace gifted is so precious.

  2. As I’m planning a wedding, I am learning to show grace to others who have planned things differently than I have–spent more money, made different choices, etc. I would love this book as I look ahead to my new home and family and the intentional living I want us to have.

  3. I’m really learning to show more grace to others…I’m terribly judgmental and I wish the learning process would go faster!
    More and more I’m learning that what is right for me is not necessarily right for another person at that time. And vice versa. I’m glad I have a God who is so everlastingly patient with me 🙂
    I love the sentence ‘There’s limitless creativity to planning a more intentional life.’ It sounds exciting and hopeful..planning a more intentional life will always be a challenge, but it can be a wonderful challenge 🙂

    1. It’s a lifelong learning process, isn’t it, Naomi? Sometimes I feel judgmental towards my younger self who was even more judgmental! So thankful for the grace and love shown to me by so many.

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