Called to Be Ambassadors of Beauty

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Is the pursuit of beauty worth of our time?

I asked myself this question awhile back because I was honestly wondering if creating and celebrating beauty was a valid thing to add to the list of all the tasks I must accomplish daily as a mother of three (soon to be four) small children. Truly curious to see whether God encouraged, or at least sanctioned beauty in our daily lives, I dove into scripture with a key word study.

What I found amazed me.  From Genesis to the Job, Psalms to Revelation, I saw a beautiful God, celebrating beauty in every place, in every moment, and in every creature He created. Although sin has marred creation’s original beauty, we can see that God is working diligently around the world to redeem hearts, working to restore and reclaim the beauty of His creation.

Beauty is a priority to God! And because we are His children, it should be a priority to us, as well. Realizing God’s passion for beauty ought to move us beyond permission to dabble in pretty things to a commission to act as ambassadors of His beauty to the world around us.

passion for beauty

So, how can we join our Father in pursuing beauty?

We should celebrate beauty, by pointing out a sunset, a flower, a smile. We should not overlook a single one of His fingerprints, but let each and every ounce of beauty be celebrated and praised.

We should collect beauty. As children created in His image, we have an inherent love for beauty. Surrounding ourselves with beauty nourishes our soul because it reminds us of our Father’s character.

We should create beauty. Whether it’s a pleasingly-plated meal or a becoming outfit, art spread on canvas or cultivated in a garden bed, actively engaging in the creative act reflects God’s character and His love of beauty to those around us.

Since realizing just how important beauty is in my Father’s heart, I’ve made time here and there for more celebration, collection, and creation of beauty. The results have been an increase of joy in my heart, my home, and my relationships. I’m thankful for the call to pursue and embrace beauty!

A challenge for you:

Make time this week to embrace a little more beauty in your life. Mark what the effort reveals to you about our Father’s heart, and notices how it affects your attitude. Did the pursuit make a difference in your day? I’d love to hear!

Embracing Beauty

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  1. Thanks for this post! I remember not that long ago when a massive earthquake brought a lot of chaos to our area and we had to squeeze a few extra relatives into our house, as well as coping with food shortages in the supermarkets. It was in summertime, and even though we were stretching stews with baked beans, I made sure that there was a vase of roses (from the garden) and reminding myself that it was worth putting flowers on the table because we needed beauty in the chaos – a reminder that God was still in control and the world wasn’t going to stop.

  2. I wasn’t sure if I should leave a comment or not because I’m not sure how this relates to my faith. When I was away for the weekend recently I realized how nice it was to have my clothes already picked out, complete with accessories. No need to sort through the whole collection. So I’d like to get back in the habit of picking my clothes out the night before. It definitely makes for a better start to the day!

  3. Thanks for this reminder! Sometimes it feels like an unimportant thing, but when I actually stop to make something pretty just for the fun of it, it relaxes me and gives me energy. And yes, God is a beauty-loving-and-creating God!

  4. Thank you Trina for a thought provoking post, I do believe recognizing the beauty that God has placed everywhere is another way to acknowledge God’s infinate power and greatness. I feel closer to our Father when I take a second to whisper to Him ‘thank you dad’ when I see a beautiful bird outside my window. I think Chantel said it best, we do feel better about oursevles when we take the extra minutes to properly care for ourselves inside and out. Sam’s description of her Mom brought me to tears thinking what a beautiuful beautiful spirit her Mom was and is, it reminded to slow down and be more thankful and more grateful, so even though your Mom has gone on before us she is still teaching us through you. Thank you.

  5. Hi Trina,
    “Make time this week to embrace a little more beauty in your life”…reminds me so much of my recently departed mother. Continually she pointed out the beauty in her world. Small things overlooked by so many were a wonder to her, and to me she imparted this nature. I I never knew her to go out with out first “putting on my face.” A sunset, a child or any of God’s creation was worthy of appreciation. For nearly 98 years she was an ardent member of creation’s cheering section.
    Did mention that I miss her?

  6. YES. Beauty is something I believe that God meant for us to appreciate. It doesn’t mean every single day we have to try to be glamorous. But it does mean we need to stop to smell the roses, soak in the sunrise, and take time to dress in a way that helps us feel more alive to these things of natural beauty around us. I am less productive and less interested in anything when I don’t take time to comb my hair up nicely, put on something comfortable but tasteful and at least wash my face. 🙂

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