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He Makes All Things Beautiful in His Time

Aprille & Russ Donaldson

God really began to do a work in my heart – to heal me from heartbreak and rekindle a hope for true love within me. I didn’t know what God had in store for me as far as a husband was concerned, and I still had feelings for Russ, but I was trusting him to reveal His plan for my life in His time, not mine.

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Be careful that your efforts to “be prepared” for whenever God brings you into a courtship don’t leave you with a narrow view of how He will work.  Be careful not to construct a formula in your head as to how a courtship should look.  And above all, be careful to submit every aspect of future romantic relationships to our Father…including how you think they’ll look and play out.  Because as many courtship books remind us, God really does write the best love stories.

-Jessica Telian in "Real life isn't always like the courtship books"

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