Wondering if true love still exists?

We believe that true love, real freedom, and authentic identity can be found only in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And we know that God still writes the best love stories.

What if you could have your faith restored in a God Who still delights in making dreams come true?

Join us in celebrating true love.

Love Stories (a collection from Kindred Grace)

“The stories are as varied as the people they represent. Different life experiences, different mistakes, different families, different callings. It’s marvelous to hear all the many ways that the Lord works. He is the author of love and our love stories are unique expressions of His heart. Part of the beauty of reading love stories is experiencing the many differences in them. Some may seem similar from a distance, but when you look up close, every story is unique. Which means, if you have a love story, it will be unlike any that you’ve ever read before—because it will be yours. Don’t read stories looking for the one you want, because you’ll never find the one you will get. Just enjoy them for their variety, for their beauty.”

(Natasha Metzler in “How to Read Love Stories“)

Love Stories

a collection from Kindred Grace, curated by Elisabeth

Ashleigh Kittle and Ted Slater

I Do, Of Course!

The funny thing is, when he and his roommate did come over, I spent most of the time talking to ... read their story
Matt and Tillie

Unlikely Love Story

We have had our difficulties like every other couple, but it feels good to know and believe that the years ... read their story
Erica DeCarlo & Larry Potter

He asked if he could pray with her

"Larry was not the first person Erica talked to, but he was the first (and only) match who asked if ... read their story
Rebekah Wilhelm & Jared Randolph


"I am grateful that as Jared and I dated, we were "under" our parents, who kept a loving eye on ... read their story
Ella Swain & Harry St. John

He proposed while crossing the street

"The future stretched bright before her and then, quite suddenly, Harold St. John proposed to her while crossing the road ... read their story
Liz & Mark

God? Do You know the rules?

He figured that if he sprang the whole "God wants me to marry you" line, she'd never speak to him ... read their story
Joey Martin & Rory Feek

Joey + Rory: A Love Story

Everyone advised her to attend a Writer’s Night at the ninety-seat Bluebird Café, a key networking location for singers and ... read their story
Whitney & Shawn Newby

Do I like this guy?

Do I like this guy? I mean, of course I like him. He's one of my closest friends - more ... read their story
Brittney Moon & Caleb Melton

Still Impressed

I really got to talk to and know Caleb a little more that week trip. It had been six years ... read their story
Ellie & Don

They played Rook and the sparks flew

At 29, Ellie realized that if she were going to get married, God would have to bring someone to her ... read their story
Amanda & Lawrance

She was hooked!

Over coffee, Lawrance talked nearly nonstop, trying to convince Amanda that he wouldn't work for her. His honesty and openness ... read their story
Kristina & Daniel McFeeters

I just knew it!

"What Kristina didn't know was the commitment I had made two years before. I had thought about it many times ... read their story

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Kindred Grace believes that relationships should be pursued to the glory of God. We do not endorse any particular method of courtship or dating, nor pretend that any formulaic methods will prevent heartache or sin. We at Kindred Grace embrace the freedom of God’s grace as He redeems our broken stories for His glory. (Click here to read more of our perspective on love stories.)