Journey of the Heart


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Journey of the Heart: The Story of Janet McLean by fellow writer Jeannie Castleberry continues the story of the McLean family (recounted in two previous novels by Jeannie’s parents), following Janet in her single years.

Five years ago, a book such as this would have been astonishing to most of us. In our excitement and fervor for “courtship”, many of us had yet to learn the hard fact that being committed to courtship does not guarantee us a life free from disappointment or heartbreak. In a beautifully honest yet gentle style, Jeannie opens the door to let us see her personal journey as a single woman. Though fiction, every page of the novel rings with genuine heart–more than anything else, this book is real.

Journey of the Heart reminds us that principles and guidelines are no replacement for an intimate walk with Christ and open accountability with one’s family. The pursuit of marriage is not a solitary path. Janet discovers that courtship brings unique challenges of its own; more than that, courtship would not bring a magical perfection to life.

The issues of guarding one’s heart, surrendering a desire for marriage, purity in relating to young men, and what to do with emotion are all addressed without sermons. This book sets you free to cry, to hope, and to grow.

The McLean Family Courtship Series:

McLean Family


  1. Jessica,
    You don’t have to–all the books stand alone. The first two are on a different theme than Jeannie’s. You may appreciate each book more by reading them in order, though. We carry Jeannie’s because it complements the theme of “Quest” in such a unique way.

  2. Do you need to read the other two books by Mr. and Mrs. Castleberry in order to understand the Journey of the Heart story?

  3. I haven’t read any of them but my curiosity is really peaked now! Thank you for the review ( I really like reviews!)

  4. How exciting! I’ve read the first two books written by Mr. and Mrs. Castleberry. I’ll have to check that one out! Thanks for pointing it out, Natalie!


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