We met online

the story of John and Kelly

Over the next few months we wrote over 75 pages worth of e-mails and messages back and forth to one another about our religious backgrounds, our hopes for the future, our thoughts about friendships, relationships, and co-workers, and even what it means to be a part of a Christ-centered marriage.

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"If you’re married, reading love stories can be a reminder of when your love was fresh and new. Sometimes, between kids and housework and projects and deadlines and phone calls and bills, I forget those butterflies I used to get when he called. I don’t think about all the little things that lined up 'just so' to allow us to meet. When I read a good love story, it brings back those happy memories, and encourages me to make new ones."

(Jeannie in "Humorous & Authentic Real-Life Love Stories")

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