I had high ideals of romance

Nathan Tyler and Danica Zujic

I had a secret fear, however, that the guy God had for me would be really bad looking. I figured the Lord would help me love him anyway.

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"I believe love stories touch a place in our souls because they mirror — however imperfectly — the beautiful, redemptive love story that is the Gospel. The story of a Lover Who would risk everything to win His beloved, even His life. The broken bride who was unable to return His love but was healed and restored, fully remade by that sacred Lover. Real-life love stories offer little glimpses of the amazing, magnificent romance that will culminate at the end of time. They are a gift from God that can encourage our hearts as we put our trust in Christ to find our place in the eternal love story."

-Jeannie Pederson on Club31Women

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