Priceless: why every woman possesses intrinsic worth


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“…there are more humans enslaved today than there ever have been in the history of the world.”
(Joel Smallbone)

I look at my eleven-year-old daughter, and I realize that except for the Lord’s incredible mercy in her life, she could be one of them.

The country she was born in has one of the highest child slavery rates in the world and, unfortunately, our country doesn’t have much better statistics.

Part of the problem is a lack of knowledge (many are completely unaware that these things are happening, even here in the United States), and part of the problem is a lie that is believed by both men and women about a woman’s worth.

Part of the problem is a lack of knowledge (many are completely unaware that these things are happening, even here in the United States), and part of the problem is a lie that is believed by both men and women about a woman’s worth.

Joel and Luke Smallbone (for King and Country) decided they wanted to do something about both of these issues.

In their new film “Priceless” the Smallbones share a story that highlights the problem of trafficking in America today and shines a light on the intrinsic worth that every woman possesses as an image bearer of God.

Inspired by true events, the film follows the journey of James Stevens who was once a husband and father, but after several tragic events, including losing custody of his daughter, he finds himself accepting a shady deal to drive a box truck across country for cash. When he finds out the trip is actually delivering two sisters from Mexico–who expect they are going to work off their father’s debt by waitressing and have no idea what fate awaits them–James suddenly feels a need to undo the horror he helped create.

"There are more humans enslaved today than there ever have been in the history of the world." (Joel Smallbone)

I’m not a film connoisseur, so I have no desire to give you a rundown on the film’s cinematic appeal. I do know this movie isn’t a Hollywood A-List movie (we probably won’t see a message from them on trafficking and redemption any time soon) but, I found it very well made and engaging.

It is rated PG-13 because of the issue of sex slavery, but it was very tastefully dealt with. I had no problem sitting with my husband watching the film and would freely recommend it to other adults and older teens for viewing.

The heart message of this film is one that we, at Kindred Grace, fully support: the priceless worth of all women and the need for people to stand up and make a difference when it comes to abuse—even when it costs us personally.

On a more personal note, this issue is really as big as it seems. Even in my small town I have encountered men soliciting pornographic images from women, as well as conducting online or texting relationships with underage girls. Some even went so far as to try to set up meetings before adults were made aware of the situation. We need our churches, our leadership, and our parents to be aware of this on-going problem in the world today.

To put it bluntly: if you think your child is old enough for a cellphone or to be on the internet, they are old enough for discussions about the issue of slavery and sexual exploration.

My hope for “Priceless” is that this film will open the doors for these conversations, that it will teach men and women to see and fight for the freedom of women and children around the world, and to teach us how to pray more diligently.

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Were you aware that the human trafficking exists in the United States? Have you heard about a local safe house for rescued women?
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  1. Yes, I’ve known about human trafficking for several years now. It’s horrible. At this point, I feel a little helpless as to what to do about it…and while it may not be so bad here in New Zealand (really, I have no clue…could be just as bad as in the States), I can definitely pray against it. Thanks for the DVD giveaway. I’m sure it will be a blessing to whoever receives it in the end!

  2. Jaclynn Scribner says:

    Yes, I know human trafficking is very prevalent in the US states, and a few years ago I found out how the major freeway that I live close to is a main corridor for it. I even experienced a taste of federal jury duty for a sex trafficking case, so it was very eye opening for me. I, however, do not know of a local safe house for women that deals with this specific issue.

  3. Yes this is true my soninlaw and daughter are in NYC and see it happening

  4. Julie Waldvogel says:

    I did know that trafficking did still exist in the US. It’s a really sad thought. I don’t know about any safe houses though. Thank you for touching on this topic and movie today.

  5. Katie Neal says:

    This is exciting! I have wanted to see this film for awhile now. My friend told me it eye-opening.

  6. My tween has been unwisely sharing her Gmail contact info. We are trying to help her see the real dangers of the Internet, and that has lead to some good family conversations about human trafficking and what we can do. I’m thankful for films like this to help reinforce the message.

  7. I hadn’t heard of the movie until today – looks fascinating! I’ve known of the issue for a long while now, I have several friends who are actively involved in projects in the Denver Metro area for recovered victims. Thanks for sharing and for offering this giveaway!

  8. This is such a heartbreaking subject. I had no idea human trafficking existed in the U.S. until a few years ago. The American church needs a wake up call on this one!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Lori Martin says:

    Thanks for addressing this hard topic! Also great idea to strongly encourage their parents to talk to their children about this issue!

  10. I was out of the country when the movie was in theaters so I wasn’t able to watch it. Everyone I know who’s seen it says it’s wonderful though. I’d love to get a copy of it and see it for myself!

  11. Have loved For King and Country’s music and was excited to hear they were making a movie! Haven’t seen it yet so I would love to be able to win a copy! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Ashley Waldvogel says:

      Thank you so much for this opportunity and I cannot wait until I see this movie!!!

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