Search and Rescue: how you can be part of ending human trafficking

Sometimes I forget.

I sit on my couch, and read about the thousands and thousands of women and children who are enslaved. Once in a while, it strikes close to home.

Human trafficking doesn’t just happen “over there”. It happens here. Right here in our backyards all the time.

I feel so helpless. So desperate.

Because the situation for those women? It is desperate. They’re trapped. Without someone to help them, most of them will never have a chance to be free.  They need a fighting chance…and people who will fight for them and their freedom.

After all, there are still 27  million slaves. It’s a daunting number. But every single one that’s rescued? It’s a victory. No one who fights for freedom ever regrets the efforts put out to save just one.  It is always worth it. No one who fights for freedom ever regrets the efforts put out to save just one. It is always worth it.

And in my heart, I want to be one of those someones who fights for freedom.  I desperately want to do something to make a difference. I want to be a modern day abolitionist who doesn’t just believe in liberty, but who does something about it.

But sometimes I forget that I can.

I forget that even though I can’t go out into the streets looking for these girls, it doesn’t mean that I can’t fight for their freedom right here and now.

I forget that even though I don’t have a lot of money, I can make choices about how I spend what I do have in ways that will make a difference.

I forget that even though I will never be the one to look into the face of a former slave and tell her “You are free now. You are going to be okay” that I can send someone else who can do exactly that.

I forget that fighting for freedom doesn’t always mean some big, elaborate action. It can be propelled by something  relatively small.

I forget that little things can make a big difference.

I forget that fighting for freedom doesn’t always mean some big, elaborate action.

I know I may never have the ability to do something big. I think that’s why I get  exited when I hear about the little things that I can do  right now to fight against human trafficking.  And I want other people to know that they can do more than just be aware that slavery happens. They can fight it, too.

Awareness is where it starts, not ends. –Natasha Metzler in “Slavery

That’s why I was really excited when I heard about The Exodus Road’s brand new Search and Rescue program.


People often ask us, “So how do I help? What do I do now?”

We typically answer simply, “Rescue a child with us.” And then we tell them about our Search and Rescue Program.

It costs about $35 to send a trained investigator out to gather the kind of intel that will be used to rescue women and children trapped right now in slavery with a raid. Just $35 could be the thing that breaks through a locked door and set someone free.

Just $35 could be the thing that breaks through a locked door and gives hope, freedom and a new life to a little girl or a woman who has no chance or hope right now. 

Here is how the Search and Rescue Program works.

  • You can pick a team to sponsor, either overseas or right here in the USA.
  • You will get a welcome packet in the mail with more information and some thank you gifts.
  • You will receive regular updates from your team to let you know how your money is making a difference.
  • You can keep in touch with chosen team and send them letters of encouragement!

It is simple. It’s easy. And it is not a big amount of money for the difference that you will be making in the lives of more than one person trapped by human trafficking.

Not sure you can afford it?

$35 is not a lot of money. But I know for some of us, it may still be more than we can commit to on a monthly basis.  But don’t write it off as impossible yet! If you don’t think you can pull off donating $35 a month, here’s some things to consider.

Look at your budget.

Is there anything you can cut back on or give up (extra sweets, coffee, eating out?) that will help you come up with $35 each month?

Earn some extra cash

Think of ways you could earn a little extra money each month. Can you do some freelancing? What about babysitting or baking? Be creative and see what you can come up with.

Find a Partner

Maybe you just aren’t in a position to sponsor the entire $35 on your own. That doesn’t mean it is impossible! See if you can team up with family or friends to send out a team. Maybe even your church or small group would be interested in chipping in!

Be a prayer warrior

If you simply cannot find money, remember that those on the front lines need and covet your prayers as they go out searching and rescuing.  Make it a commitment that you will pray for them — and for everyone — who are out there fighting to end slavery every day. Prayer makes a difference. It really does!

Have more questions?

If you have more questions about the Search and Rescue program, funding a raid, or how you can be involved with Exodus Road’s mission to end slavery, check out their website and feel free to contact them. They’ll be able to give you more details and specifics about any of their efforts!

When I hear about programs like this, I feel hopeful.

I feel like finally, I can be involved in fighting for freedom. I feel like together, we can make a difference after all.When I hear of programs like Search & Rescue, I feel hopeful.

Freedom is always worth fighting for.

I’m just humbled and honored that I get to be a little part of it.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Chantel, this is an important issue that has become closer to my heart recently, the Lord has been placing it on my heart a lot and raising my awareness of it through various facets. I’m going to check out all the links.

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