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Now it's your turn! Tell us: What's your personality?Did you know that more than half of the current Kindred Grace writing team are firstborns? 10 are oldests, and 3 more are firstborn girls! When we first started brainstorming for “A Peek Into Your Personality“, we realized that as much diversity as there was in our team, a lot of us had birth order in common. And like most groups of writers, there are more introverts than extroverts among us (I’m not really one of the introverts, in case you wondered).

I learn so much from working with the Kindred Grace team. I am so grateful for how God has brought us together and used us to teach each other so much about grace, so much about Himself. Our discussions on personality types have been particularly enlightening of late. Through the years of leading this group of writers, I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I am a leader–and the responsibilities and blessings that come with that. I’ve also learned the importance of getting to know the team of people I am working with. Knowing their personality tendencies is more than just fascinating–it’s incredibly helpful, especially for those I only know via the internet.

We thought it might be fun to close out the month with a profile of the team’s personality types. And like we always do in our October features, we wanted to give you a chance to join in! So scroll down for a peek into the personalities of some of the team of writers we have here at Kindred Grace. Or click here to comment and share your own profile. (If you’ve blogged about this month’s themes, be sure to share the link in your comment, too!)

Need a quick link to double check your terms or types?

Gretchen Louise

GretchenHi, my name is Gretchen, and I could be a bit obsessive-compulsive–especially when it comes to personality types.

Birth Order: firstborn of four
Temperament: I’ve always known I was Choleric, but it wasn’t until this month that I realized I have a bit of Melancholy (married to a Phlegmatic)
Personality Type: ESFJ — I’m an extrovert, but often revert to introvert tendencies — perhaps that makes me an ambivert? (married to an INFJ)
Gifts/Strengths: Administration 
Primary Love Language: 
Words of Encouragement
Learning Style: Visual/Kinesthic

Emily Gardner

EmilyHello there, my name is Emily, and I usually have an identity crisis after I take personality tests.

Birth Order: youngest of two
Temperament: Melancholy with some Phlegmatic tendencies…
Personality Type: INFJ (married to an ISFJ)
Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement and Administration 
Primary Love Language: 
Words of Encouragement (married to a Physical Touch)
Strengths: Discipline, Input, Responsibility, Intellection, Connectedness

Elisabeth Allen

Hello. My name is Elisabeth and I tend to define my personality according to the heroines of the books I read.

Birth Order: firstborn of four
Temperament: Phlegmatic / Melancholy (Usually calm and happy but inclined to think and feel deeply.)
Storybook Heroine: Polly Milton in An Old Fashioned Girl (Although I’m not, sadly, nearly so perfect …)
Gifts/Strengths: Caring for people, using words to encourage and give people hope, making things look neat and pretty.
Learning Style: Reading/Writing/Kinesthic

Chantel Brankshire

ChantelPersonalities fascinate me. It’s a way to understand and appreciate the beautiful uniqueness of each and every one of the people God brings into my life.

Birth Order: I’m the Sandwich filling of Three
Temperament: I’m one of those mixed up people who has a dash of this and that. (Married a Melancholy)
Personality Type: INFJ/INSJ
Gifts/Strengths: Encourager, Supporter
Primary Love Language: Quality Time
Learning Style: Visual

Everly Pleasant

EverlyI’m Everly and I love taking personality tests and quizzes, but I don’t always like the results! I am not very well-rounded or balanced, but I’m learning to love the “extremes” in my personality.

Birth Order: Third of eight (soon to be nine!)
Temperament: In terms of The Color Code, I am very blue!
Personality Type: INFJ all the way.
Gifts/Strengths: Encouragement and wisdom. I love listening and offering counsel to friends.
Primary Love Language: 
I really don’t think I have a primary. I need different things at different times.
Learning Style: Visual/Kinesthic (I have to see you do it and then I have to do and then I might learn how!)

Natasha Metzler

kindred graceHi, I’m Natasha and I rarely take personality tests because they, most often, make everything more confusing. Let me explain.

Birth Order: I’m a middle child of 4. But I’m the oldest girl… and the youngest girl. And that is the excuse my parents give for having such a mixed-up middle child who bosses everyone around in a laid-back, life-is-good type manner.
Temperament: I’m a sanguine who daydreams and tells hilarious stories in group settings. I’m a choleric who is passionate and loves to accomplish a task. I am a melancholy who loves to ponder and create and be independent. I’m a phlegmatic who is relaxed and unhurried, friendly and loyal. And that’s the honest truth. When I take the tests, I’m pretty even, straight across the board. In terms of color, I’ve never looked carefully but we can safely assume that I’m a chaotic rainbow.  
Personality Type: I have, literally, gotten a different combination of letters– every. single. time. I. take. it.
Gifts/Strengths: I stared at this line for quite some time then finally turned around and asked my family. They all stuttered around for awhile. My mom said, “Well, you help people a lot.” and a sister-in-law said, “And you give wise counsel.” and a friend said, “You have a lot of pastoral tendencies.” So, there you go. Guess that’s it. 🙂
Primary Love Language: I asked my husband and he said, “Is there a love language called ‘leave her alone to read a book without interruption’?” Ha! I don’t think there is any one that stands out more than the others. A nice balance of everything is great.
Learning Style: visual/ physical (really, anything except auditory.)

Rachelle Rea

RachelleHi, my name is Rachelle, and I think I’m the poster child for the INFJ personality type. If I’m in a crowded room, look for me in the corner with a child on my lap.

Birth Order: First of three
Temperment: Melancholic
Personality Type: INFJ
Gifts/Strengths: Serving
Primary Love Language: Touch/Words of Encouragement
Learning Style: Reading/Writing Preference Learner


Katie - Candid

Hi, my name is Katie, and personality types and profiles are the happiest soap boxes I climb up on from time to time. Once I get  started talking about them, you may not be able to get me to stop! And despite my pretty straight laced personality type, I’m a bit more goofy than they left on.  ( Or at least that’s the story the only candid photo’s I could find would tell you. Hehe).

Birth Order: firstborn of twelve
Temperament:  A blend of: Phlegmatic & Choleric. (Can Beavers Roar?)  In terms of Color: Blue.
Personality Type: ENTJ (depending on the situation my T can flip to an F making me an ENFJ. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers for more compassion and grace over the years!
Gifts: Administration, Discernment, Teaching
Strengths: Individualization, Responsibility, Learner, Belief, Restorative, Connectedness and Woo
Primary Love Language: Words of Encouragement
Learning Style: Kinesthic

Jennifer van Leeuwen

JenniferIt’s an odd realization: after living most of my life assuming myself an outgoing introvert, I have to embrace that I am solidly an extrovert. My reality is now warped.

Birth Order: firstborn of three
Temperament: somewhere between Choleric and Sanguine…though, I’ve seen how different life stages put me more definitively into one category or another.
Personality Type: ENFJ, based on Gretchen’s overview, though still trying to understand the complexities of Meyers-Briggs!
Primary Love Language: Words of Encouragement. All the way.
Learning Style: Visual

Danielle Carey

DanielleI’m Danielle, and I feel like my personality reinvents itself quite frequently. I’m still getting accustomed to the fact that I’m an introvert these days, when as a child and teen I was most definitely a choleric extrovert. Check back this time next year and all these answers may have changed!

Birth Order: firstborn of five
Temperament: melancholic
Personality Type: INFJ
Gifts/Strengths: Learning, Intellect, Belief
Primary Love Language: Words of Affirmation and Gifts
Learning Style: Intrapersonal/Verbal-linguistic.

Trina Holden

TrinaI am all about words! Give me more, more, more, and then hold still as I spew then all over you!

Birth Order: second born, firstborn daughter 
Personality Type: ENFP 
Gifts/Strengths: encouragement 
Primary Love Language: words of affirmation
Learning Style: visual

Now it’s your turn! What’s yours?


  1. This is very fun! It’s neat to get a glimpse into your personalities. 🙂 Some of the tests were new to me, but I’ve done a few before. It’s interesting to see things change as I get older. I used to be a whole lot more “Words of affirmation”…now I’m more of a “Quality time” gal. Here is what I am according to tests and such, but I’m not sure I fit inside the boxes all the time. 😉

    Birth order: Youngest child, youngest girl
    Temperament: Strangely, I’m a mix of Phlegmatic and Choleric.
    Personality type: INFP
    Gifts/Strengths: Encouragement
    Love Language: Quality time and touch
    Learning style: Kinesthetic

    This was so fun! Thanks for hosting this, ladies! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Melinda! We sure had fun putting it all together.

      Oooh, Phlegmatic/Choleric is an interesting mix! Does that mean you’re also perhaps an Ambivert?

        1. I didn’t either until a few days ago! Or else I’d have made sure we had an article about it. 🙂 But I’m working on finding resources on the topic…and pinning them, as you’ve seen! Now I need to actually take the test, but based on how often my MBTI letters flip-flopped between I and E, I think I’m a textbook Ambivert! 😉

          1. That’s really neat! I’m glad you found it. I’m more of an ambivert with strong introvert leanings, but I still scored an Ambivert in 2 tests. I’ve read some of the articles you’ve posted as well, and they’re so relate-able!

          2. OMW. I. am. an. ambivert. Whoa. I just took that quiz and got a 46!

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