3 Daily Disciplines for a College Girl

So you’re a college girl now? Congratulations! Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted or maybe it’s a gift and a surprise. I hope and pray that this season of study is blessed in ways beyond what you can imagine now.

The life of a college girl is different, in my experience, from the life of both a home girl and a working girl. The opportunities and pressures are different. And in the midst of your new life there are three disciplines that may help you, not merely survive, but thrive.

Please don’t read this post as a list of things to do. Read it as a list of suggestions from the heart that is offered by one college girl to another over a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

(Milk and sugar? Lovely. And cake or shortbread? Perfect. Now let’s chat…)

3 Daily Disciplines For a College Girl

1. The Discipline of Devotions

It’s possible to be devoted to devotions and lose sight of the One you’re hoping to encounter in devotions.

The purpose of devotions is all about Jesus — all about keeping your eyes on Him and encountering Him. There are a millions ways in which you can practice the discipline of devotions. It’s called a discipline because it’s something you have to choose to do when it’s not convenient or fun, but it’s also an art.

It’s an art to find the time of the day when your soul is most awake and most capable of being quiet and still before God. It’s an art to find a way of entering His presence when you’re grumpy or tired. And it’s an art to find a way of praying, of reading and studying the Bible, of journalling and worshipping and cultivating a rich and vibrant relationship with Christ. And that’s the thing to remember. The purpose of devotions is to cultivate, to nurture, your relationship with God.

A college girl, in my experience, is constantly pulled in multiple directions by deadlines and ideas and opportunities. Lots of them are wonderful. And then there are relationships with all sorts of people in and out of class. Don’t forget that your schedule is likely to be different from anything you’ve experienced before now.

The one thing I want you to know is that devotions matter. In your moments with God, you will find peace and joy and strength. You will find wisdom beyond that which you find in the classroom.

You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever. (Psalm 16:11)

2. The Discipline of Organisation

What isn’t organised (and scheduled) tends not to happen. For a college girl especially, I think, it’s essential to have a disciplined approach to organisation. A disciplined approach isn’t, by definition, a boring, uncreative approach. I think it’s possible to approach organisation in a way that is exciting and creative — by using pretty (and maybe even homemade, if that’s your thing) diaries, notebooks and folders. And then, when you’ve got your supplies, be as creative as you like about arranging your schedule.

I suggest that you start with devotions (and don’t forget that you can do devotions at any time and in any place, so find a time and a place that works for you), then add church, classes, deadlines and, of course, friend time and fun time too. Don’t forget to factor time to eat, sleep and exercise into your time calculations.

Don’t worry if  your schedule doesn’t look or work like any of your friends’ schedules. Find the one that works for you and refine it until it’s “perfect”. Being disciplined about being organised is one way in which you can avoid burnout and finish college well in every sense of the word.

3. The Discipline of Study

I know it sounds obvious. What, after all, is a college girl to do apart from study? You’d be surprised. If you’re studying at a college campus then the distractions are countless. If you’re studying from home. then trust me when I say that the opportunities are equally numerous if different. Beating the distractions and concentrating on work is a basic discipline.

And then there’s more.

If you’re a college girl, you’re being blessed with an education that many men and women throughout history have longed for, a education that encourages students to explore and discover, discuss and consider, learn and grow. Make the most of your time to study. Go beyond the study you have to do — weigh motives and reasons, trace connections and patterns, don’t believe everything you’re told, but seek out the truth on your own.

Oh…and when it’s time to study, study!

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  1. Definitely applies to more than college students! Oh, and you really made me want to go back to school 😉
    I think your list is EXCELLENT.

  2. Great reminders…and they apply to more than just college students (feeling convicted here). Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for this post! It was a nice nudge for me to get organized, make up a schedule, etc. Thanks again!

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