dear child that we never knew

by Tabitha Beals

I wrote this poem in a desire to encourage a family who had gone through a miscarriage last summer. I spoke from our own family’s experience of losing babies to miscarriage. I know that our experiences are not all the same, but I hope that this will be an encouragement to you, mostly because of what we have to look forward to in eternity. 

Little one, you slipped away
Before you ere were known.
By the ones who loved you so
And in whose hearts you’d grown.

We missed those tiny baby hands
And little baby feet.
The softly wrinkled little brow,
And tender mouth so sweet.

We missed first words & toddling steps
The baby clothes and toys,
And all the extra tiny things
And precious little joys.

The excitement we once knew
Is replaced with tears of sorrow.
But we grieve not without the Hope
Of a joyous, new tomorrow.

For now, our hearts anticipate
The day that we will meet.
Not here on earth, but very soon
At our dear Savior’s feet.

You’re safe at Home, dear little one
Tenderly carried all the way,
By God, whose perfect plan for you
Is now fulfilled in life’s short day.

How sweet to know you’re not alone
But rather fully blest.
Your eyes behold our Savior’s throne
And in His arms you rest.

You’re in our hearts & loving thoughts
Dear child that we never knew.
And by God’s grace, when life is done,
We’ll share the joys of Heaven with you.

In loving memory of the little ones Home safe with Jesus, still in our hearts.

-Tabitha Beals


  1. Tabitha dear thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful wonderful and touching poem. This poem made me cry, and few things make me cry, this was truly from your heart and it was wonderful….my thoughts and prayers are with you for losing your sweet child, but thank you so much for blessing so many others with this great poem. And Yes i agree with the above poster, God did give you a great gift for writing.

    Simply, thank you again for such an outstanding poem.

    Blessings and HUGS!

    May God Bless you and keep you always!

    In Him, Jane.

  2. That is a beautiful, from the heart poem. Thank you so much for sharing that, Tabitha. I’m sure it speaks oceans to those who have lost a precious little one. I know many families who have, we lost one a long time ago when I was very little.

  3. Tabitha sent this poem to me early this year after reading an article I had written about our still born daughter, Grace, in the Samaritan Ministries Newsletter. It was a sweet blessing to me then, and it is a blessing to see it here and read it again, and to know that it will (and has) bless others. Thank you Tabitha.
    Cari Kilcup
    Phoenix, AZ

  4. Tabitha,
    You wrote that poem for ME didn’t you.
    It’s hard to believe that God has given us another baby since that miscarriage last July 4th. Nathan has been a delight and has replaced any sorrow with wonderful joy. I really cannot believe that God gave us another baby this JULY 1st — one year can make all the difference with the Lord.
    Nathan is beautiful and we are just loving him so much.
    The poem is beautiful too. God gave you a talent for writing I believe.

  5. Dear Tabitha,
    Thank you for sharing your poem. We have lost babies through miscarriage, too, and though the experience of losing a full-term baby may be different, the loss is the same. We appriciate your thoughtfulness!
    In Christ,
    Ruth Wiechmann

  6. Tabitha,

    This poem is beautiful, and so encouraging. It is also at the same time so heart- wrenching and real. I am thankful it is posted for us all to read and reflect on.

    In Him,

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