Chasing God (review & #giveaway for @KindredGrace #MarchOfBooks)

Chasing God

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When we spend more time search for assurance than we do acting out of belief, we are chasing God.
Angie Smith in Chasing God

If pinning organizational ideas on Pinterest was all that is required, my house would be perfectly organized. If outlining a weekly to-do list that included dusting and cleaning the bathroom was all that was necessary, my house would be sparkling clean. But it’s easy for me to spend all my time planning how I’m going to be the perfect housekeeper, reading about how to use all natural cleaners, and talking with my friends about the way the dust and the dishes seem to regenerate in the night, that I never actually follow through on my great intentions.

And sadly, it’s not limited to housekeeping. I’m the same way when it comes to my relationship with my husband, my children, and my Savior. If good intentions and legalistic outlines were my salavation, I’d be a saint. Instead, I’m a sinner who spends too much time trying too hard to be perfect instead of simply relaxing in His grace.

If you’re more reliant on the feeling than you are obedience, you’re going to chase Him forever.
Angie Smith in Chasing God

I was first introduced to Angie Smith when she and her husband Todd were featured on various radio programs after they lost their baby girl Audrey. I was pregnant with my youngest at the time, and I cried buckets over their story. Then I had the unforgettable experience of hearing Angie speak and her husband’s music group Selah sing at a Women of Faith event. But somehow, I missed actually reading her books. Until now. And I will definitely be remedying the fact that I don’t own any of her other titles.

Chasing God (review & #giveaway for @KindredGrace #MarchOfBooks)

Chasing God is the most unique blend of humor and theology I’ve ever read. One moment Angie’s dealing with nitty gritty issues of Bible verses taken out of context, the next she’s inserting sarcastic and witty parenthetical remarks.  But the combination is an unforgettable book that tells of Angie’s own journey from trying to get the prayer right as a new Christian to realizing the depth of the Lord’s prayer where He’s already shown us how to talk to God.

He isn’t saying He will try to help. He’s promising He will transform us.
Angie Smith in Chasing God

Angie has written the book for legalistic, try-hard rule-followers like me. It’s a story that shows us a glimpse of a better way. From prayer to forgiveness, God’s will to grace, Angie delves into Old and New Testament Scriptures that are “shockingly applicable” to everyday situations in our own lives. If you’re looking for a book that’s less about how to be a good Christian and more about simply coming to Jesus, you’ll love Chasing God. It’s a book that celebrates the mystery of what we don’t understand about God while reveling in the grace of what we know about Him.

Stop looking for Me, love. Look at Me.
Angie Smith in Chasing God


Has there been a time in your life where you’ve finally stopped chasing God only to realize He’dbeen there waiting for you the whole time? Comment to be entered in a giveaway for a copy of the book Chasing God. (Congratulations to Jaclynn for winning a copy of Chasing God! Giveaway ended March 26.)

Thanks to Icon Media Group for providing the review and giveaway copies. Be sure to read our other reviews of Angie’s books What Women Fear and Mended.


  1. I have legalistic, try-hard rule-following tendencies as well. Perhaps it was the church or home that I grew up in. In fact, I believe that it wasn’t until I came back to church at the age of 26 that I ever remember hearing the message of grace. At first I would sit through the service an weep at my selfish sinful existence but as that message of grace continually washed over me I began to see the God who loved me through my rebellion. I repented and gave my life to him in 2003 but sometimes I find myself trying to make up for lost time instead of believing that His grace covers me completely (Eph 2:8-9).
    I believe this book would be a good one for me whether I win it or not. Thank you for the review and giveaway.

  2. I am, unfortunately, a rule rule oriented person, trying to understand and accept the God of grace. Coming from a legalistic family, I have seen God through regulations. My desire is to have a relationship with Him!
    What Gretchen said about trying too hard to be perfect, really stuck out to me! I would love to read this book!

  3. It is so easy to get caught up in serving and forget why I’m doing it. This sounds like a great book and I am excited to enter the giveaway.

  4. I feel like we all search too hard for God at times, based on what we see others around us doing. With that said, yes I have searched to only find myself empty until I let him find me.

  5. Too often I get caught up in serving God and focus on what I’m doing for Him until He stops me and reminds me that He wants my heart, not my deeds. I’d love to read this book!

  6. Don’t know if I would be eligible for this since I recently won Tsh’s book, but Chasing God is on my wish list so I thought I would give it a shot.

  7. Oh my goodness that is me exactly! I am too often a rule follower, rather than a grace lover. This book sounds incredible!

  8. Generally I’ve been running away from God…til He’s caught my eye and turned my head and, broke hearted, it sinks in that He’s been running beside me all along… Then the chase begins for more of Him.
    I’d love to read the book!

  9. Recently I went through a complicated situation in which I desperately prayed for wisdom. I finally realized that I’ve been so busy seeking God’s wisdom that I’d almost forgotten to seek God Himself, which is much more important!

  10. I am constantly struggling with just being with Jesus and I find myself instead doing things that I think will please Him. I thank God the gift of salvation is freely given and not something that has to be earned. This book sounds amazing!

  11. These past few years, I have experienced a lot of grief (trials, heartache, abandonment etc…) that I was “forced” to take a long hard look at myself, life and others around me. And in the midst of all that, I learned to take more time to listen to God and focus on Him instead of myself. He gave me a lot of grace through those trials. My family did too. 🙂 Now, I feel closer to God than ever before. He wants me to strive to live my life for His Glory and not live in sin (which is possible!) but when I do fall down, His grace is there for me. What a beautiful ,precious thing!

  12. March of Books has been so dangerous for my to-read list this year! This is the second time in two days that someone has recommended Chasing God… duly noted! Such a well written and compelling review, Gretchen! Can KG contributors enter the giveaway 😉

    1. Oh I know, I have so many books I want to read after reading all this month’s posts! 😉 The giveaway isn’t open to Kindred Grace Team members, unfortunately, but maybe I can loan you my copy… 😉

  13. Yes, about two years ago I stopped chasing rules of perfection and an environment of no grace and instead embraced Jesus’ love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace and found it freeing.

  14. I was raised in a very legalistic home and as I get older am learning more and more about God’s grace and mercy. This book sounds right up my alley; I’d love a copy!

  15. I’ve had so many moments like that in my life- I guess I’m one of those that God has to remind, again and again and again, of His amazing love. The most clear moment to me was from seven years ago. I was fourteen, our family was going through a very challenging time, and I was sitting far away from everyone and everything I knew while on a mission trip in Lima, Peru. God met me there. Not during the ‘expected’ times of ministry on the streets or worship time at night (though those were amazing times in their own right) but rather, during an every day moment with a worker at the hotel complex where we were staying. Clear as day, God put it in my heart to give him a Spanish New Testament. I had already given away all of the Spanish Bibles I had with me, I could barely speak six words of Spanish, and this guy couldn’t speak any English. I struggled with this for several days (which seems odd in retrospect, given that we were on a mission trip) Finally, though, I asked one of my roommates for a Spanish Bible and took it to Jesus (pronounced ‘Hey-soos’) His eyes lit up when he understood that it was a gift for him, and right in that instant, I knew – I could trust God with every single little thing that was going on in my life. Then, and always. I had known it in my head, but sometimes head knowledge doesn’t reach your heart, until God brings a circumstance along that reaches every part of you- head, heart, hands.

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