Welcome to the 5th Annual March of Books

Do you love to read? What are some of the reasons you love books? This year, some of us here on Kindred Grace got together and shared a few reasons why we love books–and why we’re excited that March is finally here!

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I think it was Lanier who first had the idea. It was the brilliant idea to spend the whole month of March talking about books. All I know is that ever since that very first March of Books in 2010, I have eagerly anticipated the arrival of March 1 each year.  I love books, and I get sort of giddy about an entire month dedicated to all the bookish delights that we’ve been talking about and preparing for months now.  This is our fifth year of doing March of Books! I kind of think that every year just gets a little better. I’m super excited about this year’s posts and reviews

#MarchofBooks 2014 at @KindredGraceI know there are going to be some amazing books reviewed this year. We even have some awesome author interviews lined up and, of course, there’s going to be a plethora of book giveaways too! We’re also teaming up to share some of our best and favorite writing tips with you this month.

So if you love books, this is the month you won’t want to miss. Be sure to subscribe to the blog posts so you don’t miss out on a single giveaway! Now, let’s bring on the books!

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