vessel of honor graphicAngie Smith didn’t set out to become a writer. Her blog, Bring the Rain, was begun as a way to keep family and friends up-to-date with the arrival of her fourth daughter, who was diagnosed as “incompatible with life.” Audrey Caroline lived a lifetime of just a few hours, but her mama kept right on writing about her, about their Savior, and about “the sacred dance of grief and joy.”

Audrey’s story became a book, I Will Carry You, and that book led to three more: What Women Fear, Mended, and a new children’s book, Audrey Bunny.

Angie says:

If we are called to suffer in the name of Jesus, we bear scars as well. He doesn’t hide them when trouble has passed, but rather He allows our paths to cross with those who want to touch them, to believe in them, to fall into the arms of the one who allowed them to be inflicted.

This is why I write to you all.

Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole is all about the brokenness left by suffering, and the way it allows the glory of God to seep through into our lives, and the lives of those around us. The book is a collection of Angie’s more devotional blog posts, polished, updated, and gathered into one place. But if you’re worried that this is a typical devotional book, it’s not. It is full of real life, of stories.  Each chapter is a little gem that can be read alone, or as part of the whole: never pretentious or preachy, just something true and lovely to ponder on.

As much as I appreciate ebooks, living overseas as I do, this is a book to have in hard copy — to leave by your bedside or tuck into your backpack — for dipping into in a sad or simply thoughtful time. Mended reminds me of another favorite, Elisabeth Elliot’s Keep a Quiet Heart, in its voice, that of a friend, and in its ability to help me still my heart, and I imagine myself returning to it again and again.


I’m honored to be able to host a giveaway for this book. Just use the entry form below for a chance to get your own copy of Mended.

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I'm a stick-in-the-mud turned avid adventurer. Country mouse in the city. Sojourner presently located in Jerusalem. I'm also a freelance writer and editor, the big sister of seven, the aunt of one, and wow, a child of the King. So yes: a very rich woman indeed. Occupation: being "all there" in every situation... and keeping a quiet heart.

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conversations between sisters in Christ

  1. says

    I read heaps of books, so it’s hard for me to choose one of my favourites, but one i do keep coming back to is, ‘Beautiful Girlhood’.

  2. Melissa M. says

    The newest book that I keep coming back to is R. C. Sproul, Jr.’s book called “The Call to Wonder.” It has profound yet simple truths, and is emotionally rich, beautiful, and inspirational. I’ve lent it to a friend, and her family read it together and really enjoyed it, too. My mom’s reading it now. And in the short time I’ve owned it, I’ve already looked back at it for certain portions that I wanted to revisit. I’m sure I’ll completely reread it more than once in my life.

  3. says

    This looks like a really good book! I would love to read it sometime, even if I don’t win it! I don’t have a particular book that I keep going back to… I just have a lot of favorites. Some of the Authors that I like are Elizabeth Elliott, Eric and Leslie Ludy, and Francis Chan. (plus others). Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  4. Shannon says

    I keep coming back to “Recapture the Wonder” and “The Grand Weaver” both by Ravi Zacharias. It seems a long time ago that I read some blog posts by the author of the book mentioned here. I didn’t realize she’d written books as well.

  5. says

    I think that I return to books seasonally; that is, they might be hugely relevant to me for a certain season, and not even come to mind to list in another, be it a time of exploring the topic of relationships, or wanting to get lost in a fictional world, or read biographies and learn about others’ spiritual development, etc.

    That being said, I have very much enjoyed multiple readings of In His Steps by Charles Sheldon, Hans Brinker, or, The Silver Skates, by Mary Mapes Dodge, and Little Women (and subsequent books) by Louisa May Alcott.

  6. A.W. says

    I’ve been so blessed by Elisabeth Elliot’s books over the years, and to hear this one compared to hers makes me all the more eager to try it. :) I’ve read some of Angie’s blog and first book, and really appreciate her heart for encouraging others.

  7. Kirsten D. says

    Recently I keep coming back to Lysa TerKeurst’s Unglued and Made to Crave, and Life Lessons From a Horse Whisperer by Lew Sterrett.

  8. Samantha R says

    I would have to say two books: Streams in the Desert (it always lifts me up and puts things into perspective for me) and also several of Elisabeth Elliot’s books, because she doesn’t mince words but shows me how I as a woman should be living in today’s world- (without compromise and without getting caught up with feminism and other false ideas of Christianity today). One of the books that I read over and over last year and also have read some in this year is “Trusting God in a Twisted World”. She helped me to see that I needed to stay on the straight and narrow despite what “well-intentioned others” were saying to me.

  9. says

    Thanks for the review! Sounds like a good book. I really appreciate it when a book has real-life examples in it.

    My favorite book of all time, I think, is Stepping Heavenward by Elisabeth Prentiss I don’t think I will ever tire of it. It is so encouraging, I love going on the journey with Katy as she matures and becomes gentle, patient, loving…

  10. says

    What a beautiful testimony. I’d love to read her book! :)

    I think the book I keep coming back to, besides my Bible, would be “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” by Johanna Weaver – as a Martha type, it’s constantly reminding me of where my focus and my heart should be in my service to the Lord each day. :) When I lose my way, it’s a great refresher to open up it’s pages again.

  11. says

    Besides the Bible, I continually appreciate “1000 gifts” by Ann Voskamp. in keeping a heart of gratitude, many of Elisabeth Elliot’s books (love the missionary stories!).

  12. says

    I appreciate this review! I’m starting a blog about Bible readings, books, and living to Christ this week, and now that I think about it, kindredgrace (or as I knew it, ylcf) was probably a partial inspiration.
    A book that I come back to… that is oh-so-hard to think of; there are so many! Some of the books that I keep right next to me in my nightstand are all of Kim Meeder’s books. She has two specifically with stories from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch: ‘Hope Rising’ and ‘A Bridge Called Hope’. I also loved her book for women called ‘Fierce Beauty’ and ‘Blind Hope’.

  13. Moriah Ortega says

    One book I really love is “uncompromising” by Hannah Farver. It is just beautiful and sweet to the soul to read.

  14. says

    I’d love to win this book; it sounds good! One book I recently have started coming back to is “Grace for the Good Girl”. I recently discovered it and it has been a blessing to me! An old favorite I’ve read many times that is also on brokenness is “A Tale of 3 Kings.”

  15. Julie says

    One book I always come back to is “Stepping Heavenward” by Elizabeth Prentiss. I started reading it at age 16, the same age as the character. Each time I pick it up I am at a different stage in life and have grown with her. It is always so encouraging no matter where I am at.

  16. Liz says

    Thank you for the review. I had been thinking about reading it but wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted to or not. Now I know that it is something that I must read.

    • Liz says

      I forget to mention a book that I always come back to…That would be The Green Letters by Miles Stanford. Such rich truths for the Christian life.

  17. Stephanie says

    How I would love to read this book! My life has had much brokenness, but thank God, I now know the joy of His healing touch. The scars are still there, but in reality they just give me something to share with others.

    • Stephanie says

      PS. There are two books I keep coming back to: “My Utmost for His Highest (modern English)” by Oswald Chambers and “The Path of Loneliness” by Elisabeth Elliot.

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