10 Reasons Why You Should Be a Bookworm

If you have ever tried to convince someone who doesn’t read of all the reasons why they should, this post is for you. Okay, for them and you.

But if you love books and haven’t thought about all the pros of being a bookworm, you will definitely want to keep reading. Some of these reasons for why you should keep on reading will be old news. But just maybe a few others might surprise you.

Here’s to the love of reading!

10 Reasons Why You Should Be A Bookworm

1. Reading Expands the Mind

Your mind expands when you read–literally. When we read, we absorb facts, make new connections, have new ideas. And as we learn new things, we all know that makes us  get smarter. But regular reading keeps more of our brain active more often. It keeps our minds healthy and young and some studies say it can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease by keeping us sharp!

2. Reading Encourages Creative Thinking

If you are feeling a little dull and uninspired, try picking up a good book. Reading develops better thinking skills. It helps us learn to draw comparisons and see patterns more quickly. Unlike watching the television, when we read books it gets the creative side of our brain going. A good book can give us a plethora of new ideas and inspire us to let our own creativity flow out in positive ways.

3. Reading Improves Focus and Concentration

Reading books trains your mind to focus. We pride ourselves on our ability to “multi-task”. While multi-tasking has its place, it shouldn’t need to be our constant state of mind. In this generation of smart phones and instant everything,  we make ourselves live such fragmented, distracted lives that to a degree, we’ve “multi-tasked” our brains out of of the ability to focus effectively. Reading helps our brains learn to concentrate and restores the healthy level of focus we need to really be successful in other areas of our lives.

4. Reading Gives Perspective

It’s pretty easy to live in a comfortable little bubble. Books give us the chance to gain perspective on our lives and the world. Instead of living confined to just one life, we have the chance to “live” many different lives through the words we consume. We can learn from others’ stories and wisdom. We can see the world in ways that on our own, we’d never have a chance to do. This can help to keep us from being self-focused and shallow because we learn how to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

5. Reading Reduces Stress

Reading is the ultimate way to relax. Studies are showing that reading a book is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and calm our nerves. One study showed that reading silently for just six minutes slowed heart rate and reduced muscle tension significantly. So next time you feel stressed, reach for that book!

6. Reading Inspires Hope

The right book can give you the gift of hope. When hard times hit, we need to know we’re not alone. Reading about others who have been here, and made it, can give us the boost of hope we need to make it too.  Thank God for making people who are brave enough to put their stories into words for our encouragement!

7. Books Make Great Conversation

Reading books gives you a wealth of information and makes for some great conversation. All of us book-lovers have probably had that moment when a stranger becomes a friend as we discover they know and love the same people we do–because we’ve read the same books! Many a kindred spirit has been discovered while talking over books. But books are good for a lot of different conversations. You never know when what you’ve read will be useful in conversation.

8. Reading increases your vocabulary

When you read a book aloud, you are more likely to pick up new words and learn to pronounce them properly. In a generation where we use so few of the many good words in the English language, adding more words to our vocab is never a bad thing! Of course, reading aloud has many other benefits. That’s just one of them!

9. Books Make Great Decorations

Books are good for the brain, but they are also beautiful. They add a touch of interest and homeyness to any room of the house. There are so many ways you can use books as decorations. And that’s good news for those of us who have more books than bookshelves!

10. Reading really can change your life

Words are some of the most powerful things in the world. They give us a chance to learn things, to experience things, to be inspired and to be more creative ourselves. They can give us better mental and emotional health. They can give us a better view of the world than we ever could have without them. When it comes to books, the good they can do feels limitless. That’s why we believe that books have the power to change lives.

Tell us…what’s your favorite thing about being a bookworm?


  1. Reading good books may reveal something about yourself, such as pointing to a new direction in life or confirming an aspect of your personality or identity you might not have been aware. I’ve learned that being a bookworm offers a lifetime of pleasure and wisdom and makes one less susceptible to novelty or frivolity, which is so common in the digital world.

  2. Thanks Shannon, I really needed this, I used to be a bookworm before i owned a laptop , that made me lazy and very likely to read online. But just as i read this article, it has really Encouraged me to go back to books. I love the smell of books. As a Quote by Lemony Sniket “All the secret of the world are contained in Books” , Thanks again.

  3. I love to read! And if the book is really good, I finish it in a few days! And I agree, I feel very calm when I read a book before I gonna sleep.

  4. Oh,my! Asking me to tell the reasons why I love being a bookworm is like asking me to tell what I love most about warm cinnamon rolls! They’re just too good!
    Books are wonderful treats to me. They really reduce stress [I hadn’t thought about it until I read this article,but it’s true], and let me escape into another world for a while. A good book is something to look forward to at the close of a long day, or in the morning. One big dream is to have a home library[influence of Jane Austen and British regency era!] filled with my own collection of treasured books. Thanks for this article. God bless you!

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