when our deepest sorrows meet God


This little book — this book with the title Pain Redeemed — it sat by my bed for a few weeks before I opened it. I wanted to read it. There is nothing so thrilling as holding a real, live book written by a friend in your hands. Mine is even autographed, much to my joy!

The night I curled up with a cozy blanket and some relaxing music, I didn’t intend to read the whole thing. But I did. I read it from cover to cover. And I cried.

I cried, but not simply because of the raw, honest pain that Natasha shared as she told her story. I cried, but not because sometimes life is so hard. I cried because Natasha didn’t tell her story to focus on sorrow, but to tell us that our pain can be redeemed. It can be used for beauty, and goodness. I cried, because I know exactly what she meant. I know how beautiful broken things can be when we let God have the pieces.

Thy fate is the common fate of all;
Into each life some rain must fall.

Every one of us has our own sorrows. It might not be the crushing, tearing knowledge that you may never hold your own little one. It might not be losing a child you prayed for before you even got to know them. Pain may come to each of us in different ways, but the One who soothes wounded hearts, and who carries us through disappointed dreams, understands all kinds of pain. And Pain Redeemed points us back to Him. It points us to the truth, and it tells a beautiful story of hope. Not just hope that our sorrows will be turned to joy, but hope that because of this sorrow, we may be able to love even more. Beauty can come from ashes.

Pain Redeemed  is the most beautiful book I’ve read in a long time. The study questions at the end of each chapter made me want to pull out my journal and head to the place where I read and think so I could go through it all. I just may do that one day soon.


  1. Beauty can come from ashes….Amen!
    I loved this book, it spoke to me in many ways as I pored over it in one sitting.

  2. I’ve read bits and pieces here and there but haven’t had the chance to sit down and read the entire thing. I will soon! 🙂

  3. This is a wonderful review, Chantel. I love this book as well. My pain was nothing like Natasha’s, but it was pain. One of the beauties of this book is how well it crosses over to any and all pain.

  4. Oh yay! Yes! This is a beautiful book! I’ve read it a couple times now, it is so sweet and healing and poignant. This review sums it up perfectly. Short, simple and wonderful.

  5. Thank you so much for your insightful review of this book, seems it must be meant for me to read it since this is the “3rd” time I’ve come across this book in a random way. I laugh to my self because nothing is random;)

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