Postmarked: Wisconsin, England, Colorado, & California!

Jeannie & EvanDear YLCF readers,

What a privilege to send you a “post card” from my new home in California! This has been the most amazing year of my life. I hope to write several articles to share more of my story, but for now, here is a quick update…

At the beginning of the year a young man who I greatly admired and respected started corresponding with me on and off. By March he decided I was “more or less interesting” and we began emailing and instant messaging more intentionally, then talking on the phone. He came to visit my home in Wisconsin at the end of April and we began our official courtship. Many trips were taken between California and Wisconsin, and our love quickly grew.

In July, I took the trip of a lifetime with my dad: We spent ten days in England! What amazing memories were made. It was my first international trip, and I’ll never forget it. The “special-ness” was intensified because we knew it was likely the last time we’d be able to do something like that as father and daughter…

Sure enough, Evan proposed ten days after my return to the States. Then began the three-month wedding-and-moving planning whirlwind, culminating in a beautiful, memorable wedding on November 6. We honeymooned in Colorado, where we had met not much over a year before.  Now six weeks into our marriage, we are setting in well here in Evan’s home state of California.

May you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas wherever you are!

Evan and Jeannie


    1. Sorry I’m just now answering this, ladies… the query got lost in my inbox! I got the dress from Fairy Godmother’s Bridal in Salt Lake City, Utah. I found it on their website and emailed/talked on the phone with them. I can’t recommend them highly enough! They were so very helpful, and even said they’d take the dress back if it didn’t fit when it arrived (unheard of!). Here’s the link:

  1. It was such a delight to share in the joy of your day…and to see how the Lord has worked in amazing ways in our lives this year!

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