A Perfect Pet for Peyton

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A Perfect Pet for Peyton (review and giveaway at @KindredGrace)Curious about what your child’s love language might be? Take them on a trip to Mr. Chapman’s “Perfect Pet Pal Emporium” by reading A Perfect Pet for Peyton.

The story takes twins Penny and Peyton, along with three of their friends, on a birthday adventure to a very special pet store, where Mr. Chapman (aka Gary Chapman) matches each customer with the perfect pet pal that speaks their love language. As the five friends enjoy the rides, the petting zoo, and the pizza party, each one’s love language becomes apparent.

Kevin was more excited about the birthday gifts than the recipients Penny and Peyton were. His perfect pet pal is a monkey who likes to give gifts.

Jayla spent the day using her words to compliment and encourage everyone at the party. Her perfect pet pal is a Parrot who repeats words of affirmation.

Sofia gave everyone hugs of greeting when she arrived, and put her hand on Peyton’s shoulder to cheer him up. Sofia was matched with a perfect pet pal bunny who would give her lots of physical touch.

Penny had been the one most excited about spending time with her friends at her party. She was delighted to receive the perfect pet pal of a cat who would spend quality time with her.

Peyton had spent the entire day serving others, doing everything from holding doors to serving the pizza and cleaning up. Even though Peyton doubted that there was a perfect pet for him, everyone pointed out that the helpful dog was just the one to join Peyton in his acts of service.

“We all need to love people in every way. However, God made us each special and we all love a little differently.”

The hardback book appeals to all ages, with bright pictures and fun activities. It’s a bit long to read in just one sitting to children under four. But little ones who need something to do can busy themselves finding the insect that’s hidden on each page. And at the back of the book you’ll find a quiz with a short list of questions pertaining to each love language, to help children identify their own love languages and those of others.

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A Perfect Pet for Peyton creates a great opportunity for conversations about how we like receiving love, and how we could love others better. It’s a favorite with our kids — already a title we revisit often.

Giveaway (closed): Moody Publishers is giving away three copies of A Perfect Pet for Peyton just for you! Comment and tell us what you think your child or sibling’s love language might be! Congratulations to the winners, chosen by Random.org: Erin, Lois, and Deanna.


  1. My little girl is only four months old so right now her love language is quality time. I’m excited to see what it becomes as she grows. Such a fun book for children to learn from.

  2. My daughter isn’t quite three yet, so I’m not sure what her predominant one is but she loves quality time and words of affirmation.

  3. I have three kiddos and their love languages are all different! my 7 year old is Quality Time. 6 year old is Physical Touch/Gifts and my 4 years old is Words of Affirmation. 🙂

  4. My 7yo’s love language is probably words of affirmation; the 4yo’s is physical touch, I think. And I’m not sure about the 1yo yet. 😀

  5. My youngest brother’s love language is definitely physical touch. He loves hugs, back rubs, and climbing in someone’s lap or on their back. One of my sisters’ love languages is probably gifts. She loves giving gifts to others and gets really excited when someone gives her a gift. I’m not sure about my other three siblings… That would be interesting to figure out!

  6. How fun! I’ve been thinking about love languages as I try to find connections with my piano students: what motivated me, and why…. words of affirmation and quality time made me the perfect fit for private piano lessons, and perfectly explains why I did not get along with one teacher. But what about the others? Surely there’s a way to connect with each type. Then I start wondering about kids I babysit too. It’s a fun subject to explore and analyze with the people with whom I interact. I have a younger brother whose language is probably words of affirmation.

  7. I have 6 children and it seems their love languages overlap as they spend the majority of their time together. It’s sometimes exhausting keeping up with each one, but so rewarding when I know I’ve spoken to their love language individually!

  8. This is so neat! I’m going to have to find it at our library! I think my little boy is a physical touch and my little girl is a quality time. One is a dedicated snuggler and the other one likes face-to-face time sitting on my lap while playing with toys.

  9. I haven’t thought much about my 2 yr old’s love language, but I think it would be quality time ….or maybe she’s just being a typical 2 yr old!

    1. I think at that age, they need to feel and hear love in all five languages, until their primary language becomes apparent. Quality time is definitely a need of every 2-year-old I’ve ever met, though! 🙂

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