My Own Kitchen Window

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by Celeste Engell

My kitchen window isn’t very big and it’s nothing fancy. Just a little kitchen window above my sink with some pretty fabric draped across the top. But it is my kitchen window. The one my dear husband put in just for me.

When we first got married I became homesick for everything familiar that I had left behind, and for the view from my mom’s kitchen window. I had a lot to learn about life and love, along with some growing up to do.

But as time passed I grew fond of my own view. Living life with my best friend has been a wonderful adventure. I treasure all the joys and special times we have been able to share together.

Of course we have also had our challenges. Things have not always been easy. Money has been tight and work scarce at times. My husband has been sick off and on, I landed in the emergency room after our first son was born, and we were trying to start a farm in the midst of it all. And then my husband had a severe colon flare up that resulted in his colon being removed to save his life.

No, it has not been easy. But God has been faithful. We have grown closer to each other and our love has grown deeper. I am ever more grateful for the chance to continue to share life together.

my own kitchen window

Through it all I have learned to love the view from my own kitchen window more and more. The beautiful mountains that change color with the seasons, chickens pecking in the pasture, a corner of the garden. Sometimes I see my beloved husband working on some project or a toddling little boy trying to pet the chickens. But most of all I see love in the kisses shared by the kitchen sink, joy in our meals shared together, faithfulness through the laughter and the tears. Memories built together as a family, in our little home looking out of my own kitchen window.

The view from my kitchen window is unique. It is different from my mom’s, different from a friend’s, different than yours. But it is mine, the life God has blessed me with. It is exciting to see God’s hand guiding. I look forward to enjoying the ongoing view from my very own kitchen window.


Celeste EngellCeleste Engell lives in northeast Washington with her true love. A farmer’s wife a mommy to two little boys and baby girl, Celeste enjoys creating and designing things. You will often find her busy in the kitchen whipping up scrubs, soap, and lip balm to sell online. Most of all, Celeste wants to praise God for all He has done for her and glorify Him in all that she does.

kitchen photo by: JenniMarie Photography


  1. I had to laugh (in amazement) because I actually have a “kitchen window” label for my blog posts! I bet we all have stories about that window. As someone who lives in another culture, I see a lot of scenes out my window that make me shake my head because they seem so bewildering to me. But it is also the place where I see people coming and going, especially my husband and our guests, and just life going by! So much to ponder.

  2. Beautiful post! Your view from the window is part of the testimony God is building of your marriage. It shouldn’t look like any other person’s; nor should you wish for that because as a child of God, we are unique!

  3. Hi Celeste, absolutely love this post and have shared it with many sisters close to my heart. Helps to keep our hearts in check when our hearts often long and covet for the greener pastures others seem to have. I’ll cherish my own kitchen window view 🙂

    yours in christ, pl.

  4. Celeste, this is a very beautiful post (which made me look out my kitchen window with renewed appreciation) and a metaphor about life. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Celeste I hope your life is everything God intended for it to be. I live with my husband an two little ones and a dog. When we have our home it will be even better, but right now enjoying my life where we are, a tiny kitchen my view is the window past it and i enjoy the silence, planning and cooking yummy delicious food! Meals we have not really had a chance to achieve but this thanksgiving i think i’m going to try my hand at a home cooked thanksgiving meal. My goal is to make it here, without real oven, and lots of running and cleaning! Thanks so much for sharing your story it’s wonderful! Love always!

  6. What an awesome illustration! It’s always wonderful to see the way our loving God uses the little things to communicate the big things to us.
    Much Love!

  7. Times have been hard for us since our marriage as well, but while I never felt *really* homesick, I can relate to getting use to so many new things, as well.

    Praying you have many beautiful memories of the view out of your kitchen window! 🙂

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