why God never calls us from something without calling us to something


Before a beginning there is always an end. Just as with a new year there is always a closing of an old year. Springs always comes after winter. Morning always follows a dark night. Seasons and cycles are everywhere around us, but they often become such an ingrained part of our lives that we fail to notice the consistency of order in them. They are always there.

This consistent order in the cycles of life, creation, and nature are a direct reflection of the orderly nature of God.  We were created in His perfect image and are being redeemed back into that image.

Sin’s entrance into the world broke the perfect order, creating the need for us to be called from what we are now to what we will be. The very heart of God is to redeem that order back to perfection. The cycles and seasons of life are there to remind us of the process of redemption.

That is why God never calls us from something without calling us to something.

God calls us:

  • from sin into righteousness.
  • from death into life
  • from slavery into freedom
  • from discontentment into contentment
  • from legalism to grace
  • from self pity to thankfulness
  • from bitterness to forgiveness
  • from pain into healing
  • from brokenness into wholeness
  • from darkness into dawn
  • from an old year into a new year

The list goes on… Everyone could add a line that details what God has called them from and what He is calling them into, because it is a basic life principle. Everywhere in Scripture, God calls people from something to something.

The disciples were called from being fisherman to being fishers of men, David was called from shepherding sheep to shepherding Israel, and so it continues with every Bible character — and with us today.

What He calls us to is always better than what He has called us from.

It never fails. Whatever God is calling you to (even if it’s big and scary-looking!) is better than where you are now, in the place He is calling you from! God cannot deny Himself. Therefore what He is calling you towards (if you persevere and stick it out with Him!) will be better, because the very heart and nature of God is to redeem us!

It’s a new year. What is God calling you towards?

Rather than making a new years’ resolution list, what about creating your own “from – to” list? I started to realize the last few years that the Lord weaves different themes throughout my year. This past year was a journey of the Lord calling me from zealous passion to mature balance in just about every area of my life. He called me from control to trust and obedience in things I couldn’t see the results of yet.

The most beautiful thing is that the Lord is the dash in between the “from – to”. He not only gives us something better, but He gives us Himself as well.

The best resolution you can have is to ask the Lord what He is calling you towards in this new year. It will focus you and give you something to hang onto no matter what the new year will bring. Ask the Lord for a glimpse of His vision for you.

Friends, what is God calling you from? Where are you right now in life, your starting place for this year?  Most importantly, what is He calling you towards?  Ask Him what He wants to redeem in your life this year. And remember, He is always there with you.

(Reposted from the Archives; Originally Published January 2012)

Photography: JenniMarie Photography


  1. I enjoyed this article, but it just can’t always be true.

    Being a faithful witness of Jesus’ work in one’s life may lead a believer to jail. That is not “better,” but it is holy.

    If we are to hope in this life only, we are to be pitied among all men.

  2. 2012 is my ‘Year of One’. I’ve been sensing the Lord’s calling from ‘many things’ to ‘the One thing that is needed”, from outer and inner disorder to order and peace, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. From self-focus to God-focus, to oneness and completeness.

    I’ve been thinking today how life with Him gets always ~better~, not necessarily easier or more pleasant, but richer and deeper… So your words have been such a timely encouragement to me this evening, Katie. Thank you.


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