What About Me?

What about the daughters whose fathers never wanted them and abandoned them before they were even born? Like me. – Rachel Dear Rachel, Thank you so much for asking this question. It is one that is burning within the hearts of so many women, young and old alike. How I wish I could be right…

Under the Mystery

“Why, Lord?” I have asked Him this question many, many times this year. I ask not because I question His judgment but because His thoughts and ways are higher than mine. I cannot comprehend all of the reasons behind His doings. “Why now, Lord?” I wondered in April, when I discovered that I was pregnant….

In Every Change

“Maybe you should start packing.” My husband’s voice carried the usual note of teasing but also a serious undercurrent. He was just joking, right? Maybe not this time… We were in the throes of yet another major, life changing decision; the past two years had been full of them. Do we stay here, or do…

The Other Grace

The Other Grace

Three weeks ago today I was on a ladder in the backyard doing yet another of those absolutely imperative tasks that must be completed before vacation: spraying the peach trees. I had already had that conversation with myself about how stupid it was to get up on a rickety ladder with a heavy, awkward sprayer…


It’s a good thing I went to my first Seder meal before I came to Israel. What’s a Seder? Oh, only the family atmosphere of Thanksgiving and the spiritual depth of the Lord’s Supper mixed together with the pageantry of a play, plenty of good food, and exuberant music. And I mean exuberant. By the…

The End.

The End.