You're Already AmazingReading Holley Gerth‘s book You’re Already Amazing was like getting a great big hug.  In a conversational, across-the-table-at-the-coffee-shop style, Holley’s words wrapped around my heart, encouraging me to embrace who I am.

You don’t have to be because you already are.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the “it” girl, because “God looks at you and says, ‘She is loved, accepted, and valued…'” (page 17).

“I’m slowly learning it’s not about being perfect but about being perfectly loved.” (page 103)

I’m not a fan of books on self esteem that are full of positive self-talk ideas.  But You’re Already Amazing is full poetic words and lyrical phrases that are truly God’s Heart for YouIt’s not positive self-talk; it’s an often times desperately needed reminder of the truth.

But it’s more than just a book about embracing who you are — the second part of the subtitle is “becoming all God created you to be.”  Maybe “most people don’t…” do whatever it is you do.  But Holley encourages you that if you are following hard after God, then He has a plan for each gift He has given you.  He has you here for “such a time as this.”

“While strengths stay consistent throughout our lives, the skills that display them vary depending on the season we’re in and the specific assignment God has given us.” (page 32)

Holley helps you identify your strengths and your skills in fun little quizzes.  She delves into your emotional and relational styles (are you a one-on-one type or a one-to-many type?). She helps you throw off what hinders you and figure out what renews you.  And not for yourself, but so that you can better serve God and love others.

You’re Already Amazing should be a prescribed dose of encouragement for every woman, no matter your age or season in life. Because you are already amazing.

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