Vows and Cows

cows-DSC_0226Chantel has written several beautiful posts capturing the love and happiness of her wedding day.  But I just had to tell you about two of my favorite details from Scott and Chantel’s wedding…the vows and the cows!

At the reception, everyone laughed when Scott presented Chantel’s dad with twelve cows…little stuffed ones, that is!  It was a reference to Chantel being a “twelve-cow wife” in the spirit of the legend of Johnny Lingo’s eight-cow wife.  And it made this farmer’s wife think of all our joking references to my being a so-many-ton wife—ton of hay, that is, since Merritt traded hay for my ring!

But the part of Scott and Chantel’s wedding ceremony I hope I never forget was a line from the beautiful bride’s vows to her new husband.  The word picture of a wife’s heart being the graveyard for her husband’s faults and mistakes is one I want to not only remember, but live out in my marriage.

vows-DSC_0164I take you, Scott, to be my lawfully wedded husband, my partner and my companion in life and my one true love.

I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you, honor and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together in this life, and staying by your side through sunshine and storms. My heart is the graveyard for your faults and mistakes and by God’s grace I will always do my best to uplift and encourage you in your best.

I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, my all, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

Photos by Bethany Tiss


  1. Wow! How beautiful! I want that (by that I mean the highlighted section) to be true of me in all my relationships. I want people to know that I will always look for the good in them and try to uplift them and help them reach their full potential. Wonderful vows Chantel!

    Trusting in His Faithfulness,
    Maiden Princess

  2. Thanks for that post….it brought tears to my eyes, so needed it was. As a bride of a year and a half, I’ve been struggling with forgiveness and gettting over sins of my husband’s past, sometimes wanting to lash out and hurt him because his past actions (before we met) have hurt me.

    I never thought about my heart being the place that can bury and hide his past mistakes–because of God’s forgiveness for him, I can use my love to bury the shame and hurt for him as well. Thank you for a timely and touching post that has helped me this day.

  3. Chantel,
    Your vows are beautiful!! You truly captured the unconditional love with those words.
    May God continue to bless your marriage richly!
    Lots of love,

    1. Laura- We didn’t completely write them ourselves. I’d say they are partly “original” (Scott wrote the sweetest thing that he wanted to say before he said his vows. 🙂 ) and partly composite of different parts of vows that already expressed what we wanted. I modified mine quite a bit, and so did Scott, but in different ways.

  4. Lord bless you and Scott, dear Chantel, and may your happiness be full and overflowing with blessings, joy and love from the LORD above.

    Numbers 6:24,25,26; Isaiah 62:3 xxx

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