I love summer! I love the cool, still mornings, the firefly-lit gloamings, and even–most of the time–the long, hot afternoons which give us Southern girls the ‘dewy look’. 😉 Here are two of my favorite ways to cool off that lend an air of celebration to an ordinary summer day:

Yield: 3-4 lattes

Iced Caffe' Lattes


  • 6 cups good strong coffee
  • 2 heaping tablespoons sugar
  • 2 cups mixed half-and-half and whole milk (I never said it was low-fat :))


Brew a large pot of coffee (regular or unleaded, your choice) and add an extra measure to make it good and strong.

Pour into a large pitcher and add the sugar and milk to taste. Refrigerate until cold and serve over ice.


Alternatively you can save the leftovers of morning coffee in an airtight pitcher in the fridge for a couple of days before making the lattes.

Here’s one that people either love or hate :). It’s rather unusual, but quite refreshing, and a favorite with the ladies in my book club:

Yield: 1 lime sour

Lime Sours


Fill a tall glass with ice and squeeze the juice of half a lime over it.

Fill with club soda and add a dash of salt.

Stir well and enjoy on a porch swing.


A pretty glass is essential for this recipe. 🙂 And one of those adorable little paper parasols wouldn't hurt, even if it's only for yourself!

Hope you all have a lovely–and cool–afternoon!


  1. Elizabeth J says:

    Lanier, these sound so good! I have only recently developed a ‘taste’ for club soda, so I am going to have to give lime sours a try…

  2. Mmm…lime sours. I haven’t had those since I lived in New Orleans while going to college there! Thanks Lanier!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lanier thanks so much for the recipe!

    it’s great for hot afternoons here in Connecticut!

    The Coffe latte sounds really good..thank you 🙂 i’ll definitely try it it sounds wonderful!


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