The Treasure Tree

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The Treasure Tree (review and giveaway)By the fourth time we read The Treasure Tree: Helping Kids Understand Their Personalitya children’s book by Gary Smalley and John Trent, our kids’ personalities were evident in their reactions as we read. There was no need for the test at the end!

The Treasure Tree is the story of four friends who are given a special birthday gift by the Wise Old Owl. It’s a treasure map that will lead them to four keys, and eventually, the Treasure Tree. Along the way, the personality strengths of each of the friends are vital to the discovery of each key.

Lance the Lion‘s leadership, determination, and quick thinking helped them get across the river to the haystack where the first key was hidden.

Giggles the Otter helped pry the second key from its hiding place with her joyful, hopeful ways.

Honey the Golden Retriever took the time to listen and care, and that made all the difference in finding the third key.

Chewey the Beaver, armed with his measuring tape and calculator, paid careful attention to the details that led them on the path to the final key.

And when the four friends find themselves in sight of the Treasure Tree with all four keys in hand, they learn how important it is to work together. Because only together can they open the gate that will lead them to the Treasure Tree.

“The greatest truth you’ll learn today
Is friends need friends along the way.”

The Treasure Tree: Helping Kids Understand Their PersonalityBright and imaginative illustrations make this hardback book especially delightful to children. The characters are sketched in a winsome and delightful manner. My sister has fond memories of reading it as a child, and now it’s a favorite title in the house of her nieces and nephew. My kids can’t decide if they like the Blueberry Pie Patch or Peppermint Falls better.

Parents and older children will enjoy the simple personality checklist at the end. And Gary Smalley’s readers will recognize that the book stems out of the personality studies he’s written on in his other books (including The Two Sides of Love with John Trent).

Giveaway (closed): Tommy Nelson Publishers is giving away a copy of The Treasure Tree! Comment and tell us what you think your child or sibling’s personality might be! A winner will be drawn October 25. (Congratulations to commenter #3: Leah!)


  1. cheryla lister says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book. I’d love to share it with my grand daughter, who is most like Otter, hopeful and joyful.

  2. Leah Gray says:

    I remember my parents reading this book to me and my siblings when we were little. We loved this book and now I would love to share it with my baby. My little girl is only four months old but right now her personality is joyful like the otter. She loves to smile when she is talked and read to.

    1. My sister Jessica remembers reading it when she was younger, too. She’s delighted that my kids like it as much as she did!

      And, selected you as our winner, Leah! I’ll PM you to get your address. 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun book! I haven’t read it before. I’m not sure that my daughter is – she’s a pretty happy, goofy girl but adventurous and kind as well. I guess well see as she gets a little older.

  4. I absolutely love this book. Definitely one of my childhood favorites! My little one is still much too young (3 months) to take a guess at her personality, but my siblings are Otter, Otter, Beaver, Otter, Golden retriever, and Otter. Yup, I grew up in a REALLY fun family!

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