Snapshots of Favorite Books

Snapshots of Favorite BooksMaybe it’s dog-eared and underlined and well-read.  Maybe it’s a beautiful antique volume you found in the back corner of a used bookstore.  Maybe it was a long-coveted original edition you ordered online from Lanier’s Books.  Maybe it’s special not so much for what it is but for who gave it to you. Maybe it was on your PaperbackSwap wish list for years and now it’s finally on your bookshelf.  Maybe it’s priceless because it was handed down through the generations of your family.  Maybe seeing its cover brings back memories of a special bookshopping trip.  Maybe it’s the inscription on the fly leaf that makes it incredibly dear to you.

Whatever it is, it’s your favorite copy of a favorite book.  And even if you found a brand new, pristine hardback of the same edition, you wouldn’t ever get rid of this beloved volume.

So, what is it?!  Give us a peek into your bookshelves by sharing a snapshot of your very favorite copy of a favorite book!  Use your creative photography and editing skills — or just upload whatever shot you get.  And though a picture may be worth a thousand words, we’d love to hear about the volume and why it’s so special — in at least a few words (if not a thousand!).

  1. Take a picture—or a dozen—of a favorite copy of a book.
  2. Post the photo(s) to your own blog.
  3. Share any story(ies) you like about the special volume you’ve photographed.
  4. Be sure to link to and mention the March of Books in your post (click here for button link code).
  5. Copy the exact URL of the photo post (not just your blog address) and share it above.
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  1. ~AnneGirl~ says:

    It’s nice seeing books that others love!

  2. Melissa M. says:

    May I post more than one favorite book?

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