The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This


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As any mama knows, one of the givens of life with little ones is noise.  And with three littles ages four and under in my house right now, it seems like it’s one of the noisiest seasons yet!

Most of the time I don’t really mind the noise, but I’m pretty picky about adding to the noise in regard to music.

However, all my littles, especially my oldest one, absolutely love music!  My four-year-old will sit and just listen to music for long periods of time — and then will return the normal running, jumping and building of a little boy.  Despite it adding to the general clamor, I want to foster this appreciation for music in Cedar and his little sisters and therefore I’m very excited whenever I come across good kids’ music.

About two years ago, I wrote about a new children’s music group I discovered, Rain For Roots. They had just released their first album, Big Stories for Little Ones, and my little ones and I loved it!

“Simple songs beautifully sung, all about Jesus.”

Big Stories for Little Ones has been played many, many times in our house and we continue to love it.

So when I heard that Rain For Roots was getting ready to release another album, I was very excited!  Maybe it’s where I was at and what I was going through when we first started listening to The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This, but I found the entire album to be incredibly profound.

Rain for Roots: The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This

During a time when it felt like every aspect of my life was up in the air, I was reminded to continue to trust Jesus with it all.

“So when you worry about today or tomorrow, and the storms that you might face, try to remember that you’re in the hands of the God Who made everything.”

“Come to Me, walk with Me, learn the rhythms of My grace. Come to Me, I have all you need, learn to rest even while you are awake.”

“Jesus says that even when our faith is small, nothing is impossible for Him at all, nothing is impossible for Him at all. Cause our God is faithful, He can move mountain, and He asks us to believe, our God is faithful.”

As I discovered, the songs on The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This are great for mamas to listen to and be reminded of our Lord’s promises and truths. They are “officially” kids’ music, though, and have quickly become some of the littles’ favourites!  And like in Rain For Roots’ first CD, they love to hear the “other little kids singing”.

"So when you worry about today or tomorrow, and the storms that you might face, try to remember that you're in the hands of the God Who made everything." (Rain for Roots)

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  1. My two daughters and I LOVE the first album! So very excited to hear this new one!

  2. Same here! 3 littles three and under

  3. I’m always looking for Bible music! 🙂

  4. Loved the first album and I can’t wait for my little ones to fall in love with the new one!

  5. Mercedes Yamel Romero says:

    I love Big Stories for Little Ones. We have loved it for almost 2 years and we play it like we just got it yesterday. I read the lyrics of this album and they are all centered in the Scriptures, and coming from Rain for Roots I don’t doubt that musically it’s beautiful and cool! 🙂

  6. Love their first CD 🙂 My little guys especially love the parts where the children sing or talk. I love hearing original songs, something different from all the typical classic songs I’ve heard too many times!

  7. Good, godly music is such a great way to set your mind on the things which are above!

  8. We have such a limited time of influence over our children before the opinions and behaviors of their peers take priority over our own. During this time I want to pour as much truth about who God into their minds as I can. We listen to Christian radio and scriptures set to song in the van. It sounds like this music would be a welcomed addition to our listening library.

  9. I don’t have kids of my own yet, but am blessed to teach preschool at a Christian school and love to find good, biblically sound music that my students enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. What a beautiful song!!

  11. Thank you for the music suggestions! I am always looking for good children’s music to play in our home. I usually benefit as much as my kids do!

  12. Joelle Brent says:

    Always on the lookout for good childrens music

  13. Sounds like a great book!

  14. I’ve been looking for more music for my daughter, music with good solid words. She was given “Hide ‘Em in Your Heart” by Steve Green for Christmas and we listen to it a lot!

  15. This music sounds wonderful!

  16. This music sounds really good! I have young nephews and take care of other children part time, so I love children’s music–and it usually speaks just as much to adults to. I’d love to have a copy of one of these CDs.

  17. Beth Hewitt says:

    These sound amazing! I’m sure my littles would love them too!

  18. Victoria Bennett says:

    This music sounds so good!

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