Pain Redeemed

The entire team is so excited about Natasha’s brand new book, Pain Redeemed.  We’re sharing a few favorite excerpts with you below.  Be sure to get your own copy from Natasha, or find the Kindle version on Amazon

Pain Redeemed is truly exquisite and I can attest to meeting God as I pored over Natasha’s beautiful words. It’s like a deep-muscle massage for the soul.”
– Trina Holden 

Pain RedeemedMy job is not to understand it (lean not on your own understanding) but to acknowledge Him in it. To recognize that He is God. Not me. Never me. Never the idols that I create in life. Only Him. {Pain Redeemed, page 24}

Even during those ancient times before Jesus died on Calvary, when the Israelite people were required to bring sacrifices to the temple, they were not offered to earn favors. Sacrifices were given in thanksgiving or to ask for forgiveness from sins. When I expect that my “goodness” will win me favors from God, I reduce His awesome holiness to that of a worthless idol. {Pain Redeemed, page 26}

A miracle is the redemption of pain, not the absolution of it…  The idea that if our dreams come true, we’ll be free from pain is a lie. The idea that if we give up our dreams, we’ll always be empty is also a lie. Only in emptiness can we be filled. Only in the burning of our dreams can we glimpse the redemption that God offers. {Pain Redeemed, page 32}

“I was so blessed by Natasha’s book. It’s honest, it’s real, and it’s hopeful. There is so much truth, and truth is always applicable.”
Jeannie Pedersen

Contentment is not found in the fulfillment of desire, or the lack of desire. Contentment is only found in the surrendering of desire. Surrender is the only path to freedom. {Pain Redeemed, page 35}

Contentment is not the absence of desire. [My] ability to live with joy between here and death is dependant not on the fulfillment of my desires but on the surrender of them. {Pain Redeemed, page 36}

“Whatever your pain — depression, infertility, relational — Natasha’s words will pierce right to the heart of it, and point you straight to Jesus. I cried many tears reading Pain Redeemed, finishing it with a longing to know my Redeemer more.”
-Gretchen Louise (click here to read her review of Pain Redeemed)


  1. The quotes alone have been a blessing…looking forward to reading the rest of the book one day soon.

  2. I have seen God take away/redeem a lot of pain in my life…. ashes have turned into beauty and strength has come in the morning. Learning to trust Him more each day and finding contentment in surrender has brought a lot of joy into my life- and it’s all because of Him! 🙂

    I love this quote; it’s very true: “Contentment is not found in the fulfillment of desire, or the lack of desire. Contentment is only found in the surrendering of desire. Surrender is the only path to freedom.”

  3. I am excited to read this book!
    Thank God for blessing Natasha to share his words to us through her!
    Stay blessed everyone x

  4. I’ve seen God redeem so many painful situations in my own life: unrequited love, infertility, miscarriage, job insecurities, health struggles…the list goes on. I would like very much to read this book, as I know it will echo many of the beautiful lessons He has taught me.

  5. Oh…that sounds interesting! I’ll have to get it.

  6. Christina says:

    I personally have not struggled with infertility, well not yet, I’m still single, so that’s an unknown. But a very dear friend of mine does as does my sister-in-law. So it’s something that I am familiar with. This book looks like one that I would love to read and maybe share with those I know who are also in the thick of the battle. I’ve seen several of my friends struggle with this, so I know that it’s a hard battle.

  7. still something we’re praying through right now…trusting that God will do what is best 🙂 Love the quote from her book about not fulfillment or lack of desire but surrender!

  8. I would love to win…I see the profound truths in this book simply by seeing the quotes!

  9. A friend said she really enjoyed this book, so I’d enjoy reading it too.

  10. I really look forward to reading your book!! God has done a lot in my life to redeem me! I married a man that wasn’t God’s choice for me in Feb. 2007. I had made up my mind that being alone was worse than living with a man that wasn’t a christian, mentally stable and who was addicted to alcohol and drugs. In March we found out that I was pregnant! I was sooooo excited as from the age of 18 I had been told by Dr.’s that i would never be able to have children due to Polycystic ovarian disease. I still remember the first ultrasound where we got to hear the babies heart beat. I was so excited and thought this would bring my husband and I closer together. The ultrasound tech told the nurse that she wanted us to come back in a week or two for another ultrasound which I knew wasn’t a good sign. By the time we went for another unltrasound 2 weeks later they couldn’t find the babies heart beat. The Dr. said the baby had died at 9 weeks and that it wasn’t a viable pregnancy. He told me that we needed to schedule a DNC immediately so that I wouldn’t get sick since there was a dead baby in me… which totally freaked me out! So against my husbands request I scheduled the DNC for Good Friday, April 6th, 2007. It is still one of the worse days of my life! The other day that is the hardest for me was when I fled for my life to a woman’s shelter and left my husband. So through all of this… much heart ache and sorrow God redeemed my life! He has spent the last 5 years refining me and helping me to see my worth. He also has revealed many lies that i believed about Him and showed me that He is my Perfect Heavenly Father. I have a long way to go but am in the process of writing a book also!! God has really done so much for me and I want others to know my story in hopes that God will speak into someones life through my testimony!

    So I really am so excited to read your book and see all the amazing things God has done in your life and awesome truths that He has revealed to you!

    God bless!!

    1. Jesus Lover says:

      You are brave to share your story! I’m so sorry to hear of the pain in your life and all you have been through. I pray that God will continue to strengthen you and you will always have hope! Keep walking on the narrow pathway that is His will and you will be blessed!

    2. Amanda Sue! Love you girl. Tasha is a good friend of mine as well and I know you will LOVE her book. I’m in the process of reading it right now and it’s incredible!

  11. I’ve seen God redeem the pain of post-partum depression. Even though it is so incredibly difficult to go through, I have been able to be much more sympathetic and sensitive towards other ladies going through it. It is not something I would ever choose to deal with, but I am so thankful for a God who gently leads through very dark valleys.

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