The Other Answer

The Other Answer

in the very middle of the howling winds of my wants
I remember
how short a distance I can see
and Who knows what truly brings me joy.
And so I ask
the One who sees
to choose my inheritance for me.

And then
my Abba
says “No.”

I am cut
and bleed
and weep
and die
and discover, with some surprise,
that heartache
is literal.

Suddenly, I remember
that I asked Him
to say that “No”
if it would bring me joy —
and I begin shading my eyes
to see it coming.


  1. LOVED this. Thanks for sharing. The structure of it also reminded me of “The Altar” (George Herbert); the shape of the 3rd stanza looks like an arrow pointing down to the “joy to come” in the last stanza.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely poem, Elisabeth. I enjoyed reading your poem, ‘On Tenterhooks’, as well! They blessed me a lot today and I will be sharing them with my family. 🙂

  3. thank you so much elizabeth. it is quite exciting how the Lord gives you just what you need at just the right moment. And for the past few days He has that continually with your poetry. God bless and thanks again.
    –a fellow sister in Christ

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